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It is a snow day here, no school so the kiddies are home. They are enjoying their time off. We will probably play a game or 2 this afternoon when the baby goes for a nap.

So last night I finished the Tightwad Gazette 2 section of The complete Tightwad Gazette, and I started TWG3.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in there, but there is also a few things that does not really related to me because I am in Canada.

At the end of TWG2 there was a section about taking inventory of clothing that are the next sizes up for the kids, so that you know what you have of each item and how much you have of each item, and what you may need in the next sizes.

I have 3 kids and 2 large storage bins, and 3 regular size storage bins all full of clothes, not including coats and sneakers, shoes, boots etc.

So I went through the bins last night, took out a few things that will fit my youngest. Then proceeded to 'take inventory'.

It was a little time consuming to start, but will definitely be easier to keep track of now that I have a chart made.

For example for my daughter, her chart looks something like this:

size 8 size 10 12+
Tee Shirts
long sleeved shirts
Tank tops
zip up hoodies
other pants
summer coat
winter coat
spring/fall coat
snow pants
wind pants
summer pajamas

Then I make a tally of each item by putting a tick there in each section for each size. I know a lot of you have probably read the book and already know how to do this, but I honestly never thought of keeping an inventory where I can just look it up before. I mean I have the clothing sorted somewhat so that I can go to the storage bin that I want and go through it, but I think this will be a much easier method.

Then my storage bins are labled, one of the big ones is for Robyn only, and has all girls clothing in it, Then there is a smaller one with shirts just for Dalton (my middle child, 6 year old son does not get much hand me downs), then there is a storage bin with the boys summer clothing, then a large storage bin with just pants in it mostly for the baby but some for my other son, and then one with socks and pjs and other things for the boys.

All the coats are hanging on hooks in the basement, unless they are more then a size bigger then they are put in a bin.

I have not gone through shoes and sneakers and rain boots and stuff yet. There are none in the bigger sizes for my 6 yo, but for my daughter there are a few pairs, and for my youngest there are a lot to go through, I am very fortunate when it comes to him because I get a lot of hand me downs for him.

So Right now I just did the chart on paper, I plan to do up a hard copy on my computer to make it neater, then I will print a copy for my binder and keep a copy on the computer.

Anyway, thats enough babbling for me this morning.

Can you tell that I like it?


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ok the sizes were suppose to be across the top as headings, but for some reason when I posted they went to the side...
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