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So excited - my very first quilted something!

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Hi - Dolphin inspired me to try my hand at this --and have been reading all the wealth of information here (thanks all) so went to Wally World bought some fat quarters, and cutting mat, rotary blade, and made two blocks the past weekend.
You have to realize that I CANT sew at all, have no ability in this area at all with patterns and such --but I thought this was fun. So last nite after dinner, went and got some batting, filling and made the attached pillow.
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For someone "who can't sew at all", you sure did a nice job. It looks great.

Hey CJ! We got another one hooked here!
That is beautiful, wish I could make something like that!:)

Fabulous job Suezy! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Can't wait to see project #2! :D

Good job!!!
You did a great job, Suezy! :thumb: It's really lovely! :)
Woo hoo another quilter in the making. You did a FANTASTIC job. I'm so proud of you.

Whats your next project going to be. Oh btw - watch out for those fat quarters, there going to have you hooked in no time.

Great job. :thumb:
Suezy, you go girl!!!!! :thumb:.....Looks to me like you can sew hon!!!!!!:hurray:...beautiful pillow!!!!!!
:eek: that is gorgeous! great job. :smball:
Beautiful! You too can sew! Can't wait to see what you make next.:)
Heed CJ's words about the fq's~ once you start collecting them, you can't stop.:)
"S", the pillow is gorgeous!!! I'm so glad you posted the pic. It is truely something to be proud of. Great job!!!:D :D :D
Great job!!! You should be proud of yourself. :)
Fantastic!! :thumb:

Can you teach me how not to know how to sew to please?!?! :D
You did great!!!!! :hugz:
Thank you all for the nice words of encouragement. I'm thinking I'm already addicted. I made my second square - a little more complicated, and finished it up today into a slightly larger pillow. I went to the library and got some quilting books, and oh my such wonderful creations. Thank you again for helping me to get interested in quilting. Without you all, I would have never tried it!!
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