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So what did you get for Christmas

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I had a great Christmas with the hubby ,daughters and grandsons. Had a nice Feast for lunch.
I got a really pretty sweater.Paula Dean tart melts and candles.Gift cards.Also will be ordering my Paula Dean cookware set. Khols always has a great sale on cookware after Christmas.Also ordered my Zumba dvd set. So what did you get?
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I got a pretty fleece jacket and a gift certificate for a set of Addi Turbo Lace interchangeable knitting needles :)
My mother bought me a Keurig (?) coffee-maker. My sister got me a docking station for my iPhone and also a strange knitted hat that makes me look like I should be riding around on a yak. :)

Lots of cool little stocking-stuffer type presents as well, and three calendars!!
Love the yak-hat Madhen!

I got a WII from dh, he saved up his money and bought it for me! I can hardly wait to get it hooked up!
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Clothes! DH accidentally got me the wrong size track pants (a size to small) and they fit!!! I'm happy!!
I got a vacuum, a portable DVD player, a regular DVD player, some super soft flannel sheets, underwear, jammies, a candle, lotion, a necklace, a shirt (that I need to exchange), some Lush products, and some cash. :)
batman jacket. bronx shirt. socks. tie dye duct tape. manic on dvd. star wars yoyo. batman wash cloth. lottery tickets. two calendars. one planner.
from my oldest two kids ( 22 and 19) dh and i got a new 26" flatscreen TV for our bedroom !! what a suprise !!!

oldest dd also got me a birthstone charm for my pandora bracelet the older two got me last mothers day .

from 9 yo a snuggie ( pink)

the 14 and 16 yo chipped in and got me a 25$ barnes and noble gift card .( for my nook)

dh got me some PJs and a sweatjacket- a willow tree angel i collect .and a cinnabon GC

we also had under the tree for me the color nook i had bought and a coach skinni mini changepurse/ ID holder keychain - ;
- a bluetooth for my BlackBerry (from Santa)
- eye shadow (from DD1)
- salt and pepper shakers (from DD2)
- a coat rack
- a popcorn machine
- 4 different flavours of salt for popcorn
- a CD player and accessories for the van (which DH and a friend are going to install) ...Yay! My 2003 van will finally be a little more modern.:lol:

DH and I also splurged and got a $50 gift card for a restaurant. There was a promo where if you buy a $50 gift card, you get a $15 gift certificate for the same restaurant. Not a bad deal...and it's DH's favourite restaurant.
I wanted a card from my BF saying that he loved me. I didn't get it. Instead I got a Blue Ray Player, and a neon clock for my office. I would have much rather had the card though.

I got a $50 GC from Work, my sis got me a GC for Applebee's and one for Walmart, Mom gave me a $20. friends at work chipped in and got me a pair of sweat pants and shirt.

All in all I felt very loved and thought of.

I hope everyone else did as well.
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Parents gave me:
Tupperware (store brand) that I got to pick out myself.
Money! tiny snowglobe ornament with my name on it, soft slipper socks, candy "poop"

SIL/brother gave me:
Dog food, expensive non-allergy stuff my dogs need (2) 20lb bags!
2 sets of tennis balls for my dogs that were holiday colors/wrapped
Shirt that says "owned by a Bloodhound" which is my newest dog that I rescued.

Daughters gave me:
Decorative cover for my iPad from work
decorated napkins, 50's style ladies on them
an "odds and ends" box of stuff from my oldest daughter, too much to list but includes shells from Hawaii when she visited.

other friends/family gave me:
$ on a gift card for shopping, guilt-free.
Hardback book about my box turtle (everything anyone could possibly want to know about box turtles)
BF: something special from Victoria Secret, and it fit, and I love it!

Lots of love and laughter throughout the day was my favorite present of all. It was truly a Merry Christmas for all of us, I was so happy to be with everyone!!
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nothing personally for me

Hubby, I (and the children) family gifts -so jointly received from our parents and grandparents: money, gift cards to Mc Donald's, Walmart, and the pizza place, some cheese and bread, a throw blanket, and a Christmas decoration
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Two sweaters, a movie, some perfume and candles. All my faves!
bracelets/ perfume/ The Nativity dvd/ The Waltons 2nd season dvd/ Michael's gift card/ Hobby Lobby gift card & a Def Leppard tshirt
I got a "You'll shoot your eye out" T-shirt, a set of NICE knives in a block, new suitcase (which I really needed), some scented candles - from my DS with $$ from his first job, a gift certificate for a pedicure (never had one, a little unsure about that one) and a couple of movies.
I now want the yak-hat.........
I got a Kindle from my inlaws!! DH and the girls got me a beautiful cover for it and a couple candles including a yummy smelling jar candle, a coffee mug, pj's and bubble bath. From my parents I got Pj's, and a purse. My brother gave me a 25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble as well. It's been a wonderful Christmas. My best gift of all was spending a very fun, relaxing day with my whole family at my parents.
One of my favorite presents is a olive oil glass storage jar with pourer spout. I can't wait to use it:)

a great family meal..nice presents. We ARE blessed.

Last night I realized one of my sons friends...actully he lives alone and Has no parents that claim him. He was raised by his aunt and uncle..and they basically kicked him out at graduation. He does McDonald's. And he works putting up aluminum gutters. I'm rambling., but to make a long story short..I put a gift basket together for him at the last minute.,.with my homemade spaghetti sauce.some spaghetti, oranges, clemantines, a box of chicken noodle soup, a loaf of homemade raisin friendship bread..and a subway gift card $25. I don't know what pocessed me...but it made me feel so good. Isn't that what christmas is about? Sharing good fortune...helping those in need..spending time with family and friends.

all in was a wonderful day.
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Cher, that was a very kind and thoughtful act! I think that is the real meaning of Christmas!

I got several books, a cookbook, Simon and Simon DVD sets, a hoodie, 2 buffet servers, a calendar, DVD movies, gift cards, a candle and lots more things. The best gift was an antique table that is approximately 130 yrs old from my sister and BIL. It's a combo Christmas/Housewarming gift. It's just beautiful and in pristine condition!
I got some clothes and some $ and some gift cards. But the BEST thing I got was a NOOK!!!! YAY! I am sooooo excited. I wanted an
e reader but because of this website and someone talking about a nook it made me want one! I sucumbed to peer pressure from ya'll LOL ;) But I am beyond thrilled!
My kids gave me 2 cans of glade all wrapped up in pretty paper. Now I know your wondering why???? One can for upstairs and one for down...for when dh stinky's up the house. LOL It was a joke gift. I'm forever yelling where is the Oust or where is the Lysol...or spray people spray. LOL They also got my a glow in the dark pitch fork for me go with my tail. LOL

Real gift from the kids was a 1982 Home Interior nativity set that I've been wanting. They with dh's help also filled 2 stockings with candy and goodies.

Dh got me a new tracphone...a nicer one than I had, a phone card, a car charger, scissors with a life time guarantee, a pretty new watch, and a house coat. All things I needed. He also let me order a few things from Boscov's...a set of cardinal dishes, another set of 4 decorative dishes, a new purse, Cuisinart knife, flour sack dish towel. I ordered 2 sets of the cardinal dishes but one was busted all to pieces and I had to return it. They didn't have more and refunded my money.

My parents gave me money. My sis gave me a platter, socks,a container to keep a serving dish hot or cold, and some Christmas nick nacks. We got those Christmas Eve.
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