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DS, 5, wants an American Girl doll in the worst way. We came to the agreement that if she saved up $12 towards a 'mini' ( 6 inch doll, $24 each plus shipping), we would pitch in the other $12 plus shipping costs. This is her first 'real' thing she's saved for. She gets .25 a chore (taking out trash, feeding cats, things like that) for most, more on an as-fit basis for bigger things. She's been saving for 2 or 3 months now, finally hit her goal of $12.

So we went to the website, and lo and behold, 3 of the mini dolls are on sale (they're historic ones). I told her the options, and she opted to purchase two of the sale dolls with her money instead of one of the regular priced ones (good girl!). I snuck in the third she didn't pick for a gift for her down the line, and snagged an extra for a gift for the next bday party she's invited to. Shipping came out to $2 each, averaged, on my order of 4 total, so that means they were $14 each. Not too shabby, I say. I try to stick to $15 each on birthday party gifts, and it usually costs more, so perfect.

So if you've got an AG doll fan, you might want to pop over and take a peak. I have no idea how often they have ones on sale, I just know the last time we looked, a few months ago, none of them were.
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