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Throughout life we will experience many situations that will cause us to reach a “bottom”. It seems as though we have to be stripped of everything by spiritual laws in order to rebuild upon a stronger foundation. Before you can go up, you must hit the extreme opposite and go down. It is these extremes that allow us to find or regroup ourselves to that balanced middle we long for.

Once we understand the nature of this occurrence we are able to muster the strength we need to continue on our path and stop and regain our focus. Some people are stripped of their finances, some are stripped of family or relationships, and some are stripped of material or personal items. Whatever it may be, the loss is a necessary occurrence for us to reach a gain.

At times it allows us to focus on what really is important in life alone. We may find that we really can get by on a very simplistic way of life. We can really live modestly on a confined budget. We can even live in simple rooms and have basic clothing and basic amenities. When we are stripped of all that we have in some way, shape, or form, we are then destined to turn inward.

When we focus on our true identity and nature of purpose, the highs and lows become nonexistent. We can be stripped of everything and still stand tall. We can still maintain focus on our well being and the love we have to offer in our hearts. We may even discover that our loss was actually a favor in disguise.

Perhaps there was something else we needed to direct our attention towards. Maybe we needed to redirect our path in life. Or perhaps we were stripped of everything so that we were able to take a moment to pause for reflection.

Capturing the meaning behind the actions that occur in life is not only essential for our own inner guidance, but also essential for our personal growth. Pay attention to the actions and situations in your life. When you observe the patterns, you will often find that you weren’t on your way down at all… you were on your way up.

Artist and Inspirational Author Heather J. Tait work and articles are displayed internationally. She is the founder of Silence Speaks International Artist Association and the Editor of Intrigue Magazine. Published books include, Making Your Purpose Your Business and Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships. Email: [email protected] Silence Speaks
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