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Sometimes you just have to think on it a while (our frugal solution)

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Back when we made more and had more money that we could spend on anything. Hubby bought me a Bose wave radio with a cd as I love music. ( he was making up of years of forgetting presents or getting bad ones and wanted to surprise me)

I loved then thing. It's sound is truly amazing. Lately our BOSE an older version has been having trouble finding discs. Very frustrating.

Hubby noticed this and was thinking about maybe it was time to move me from cd's to a ipod docking station. I could use the ipod we have. After all we no longer buy cd's but buy individual songs from i tunes.

But he knew I didn't want to give up my Bose sound and a new $400 or so Bose was way out of the scope of the pocket book.

So he thought about it and came up with an idea and checked to see if it would work. He spent $5 and bought a cord that lets the ipod plug into the AUX plug in and Now I can listen to the pod on my Bose.

I cried the first time I got to hear the new songs on the ipod through my Bose, the sound is awesome. very enjoyable.

That is our frugal solution.

Hubby doesn't realize how happy his $5 gift has made me.
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Really great gifts don't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Congrats on getting your music just the way you like it!

BTW, have you tried running a cleaning disc through your CD player? Maybe it's just dirty.
I have not heard of cleaning discs.

Edited to say
I checked with Hubby He said the cleaner thing didn't work.

By the way the BOSE radio/CD is more than 10 years old. I remember teasing that it wasn't going to be Y2K compatable and that it wouldn't wake me up on Jan 1, 2000
Love when you can come up with an inexpensive solution to a problem.
Because those are so expensive, might be worth having an expert look at it.
repair is min of $100 according to the net and you have to send it off

Our solution works just fine. Plus it was only $5 and moves me and my BOSE into the same technology as the rest of the family.

Kids now each have a mps player and Hubby and share a Ipod touch.

I like the MP3 players as we can pick what is on them. In the old days you had the whole cd. We might not agree with the kids listening to the whole cd but like one or two songs. Very flexible for us.

Plus MPS files take up much less room than CD's
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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