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spicy spanish style tilapia

Recipe Description
Easy and quick recipe I came up with when I wanted a new way to cook fish> For how easy this was to whip up, my hubby and son raved about it!!​
Preparation Steps:
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
20 mins​
1 medium onion
3 TBS butter
salt, pepper
1 1/2cups of cooking wine or white wine
Old bay seasoning
1 can of Rotel
4 medium sized tilapia filets or other white fish
finely chop a medium onion
add 3 Tbsp butter to saute pan
cook onions in butter
add salt and pepper
Drain most of the liquid out of can of Rotel, then add to onion mixture, warm up
add 1 1/2 cups of cooking wine or white wine
Sprinkle tilapia with Old Bay seasoning on both sides then add to saute pan
cover and cook over medium heat until fish is cooked through
sprinkle with parsley

I serve with rice and black beans topped with chopped onions​
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