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With Spring Break approaching my dd (9), ds (9), dss (10 visiting from California) will be at home with dh that week (bless his heart) and I'm starting to get overwhelmed with menu items for lunch/snacks. I know, I know you're thinking "how hard can it be"?? P-I-C-K-Y E-A-T-E-R-S sister........

I don't have a big freezer (at all)... standard apartment freezer. Lunchables are OUT of the question and hubby is disabled so cooking is at a minimum. I don't like to buy pre packaged food like mac'n cheese (although that sucker has saved me at times).

I think we'll have a family meeting :grouphug: and discuss what they would like and see what's on sale this Wednesday. That's what I'll do.

:clown5: Thanks for letting my fingers do the talking/thinking
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