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Spring Cleanup finds!!

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My town had their spring clean up last week and I cleaned up!!! For those that don't know, this is a time for people to set unwanted items on the curb and anyone can come along and take them home. My hubbys and my finds for the week were a oval glasstop and metal legged table (about a foot and a half long and a foot wide) a long wooden and marble veneer top coffee table and a great rocker recliner! Also for outside we found a metal wheelbarrow with a very small hole near handle but otherwise sevicable. I thought these were great finds for about 5 or 8 bucks of gas! Does anybody else have a spring cleanup or dumpster dive find?:dancing:
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I would love it if our community did that. I occasionally find treasures at the dumpsters. I once found a whole box of paperback books. I've found nice Little Tike toys there too. Found a LIttle Tikes desk set. I saw a lady putting out some ferns. I watched her and as soon as she left I went to the dumpsters and took the ferns home.
I wish our town still did that but they did away with it in the last couple of years. :) We cleaned up when I was in college, though, most of our apartment furniture came from the curb.
I wish our small town would do that. I think it would save lots of junk going into the land fills.
I had never done this before until this year and my younger brother gave me the idea and got me started. To say the least, I am hooked and find myself looking at piles as I am going to work and coming home...teehee!
I wish our area had something like that, so we just have yard sales which are still great with me, cheaper is always better! :)
The smaller towns around us do this. Usually not until the week after their town-wide yard sales. It allows people a way to get rid of the stuff that didn't sell.
No they don't do that here that I know of.
Good for you and your hubby.
after yard sales here they take it to thrift stores or salvation army.
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