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Square Watermelons?

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I don't know, the picture looks fake to me. Especially the stem.

No thanks, I like my watermelon round, sweet, and cold, LOL:lalala:
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yeah I agree, the stem does look awfully fake.

Hmmm, would be easier to cut though :wink:
That looks so fake....

But the way the said they make them seems like it might work.... hmmm...

When I see one in person and can touch it then I'll believe it. :D
These do look fake but I know they sell molds in the stores to put around squash and they come out looking like a head.Not sure I want my veggies looking back at me though lol
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Yep, it can be done, I've had friends do it before, it can be done with some squash too. Pretty neat and they can stack much better for shipping.

O.K., hubby wants to try it next year. I guess just use a wooden box?

I guess the square shape would make shipping easier.
I think it looked like a photo touch up, but I do know that it can be done. I'd love to see one in person....then eat it just to test it out.
The picture looked fake, but like Misti said, it was probably a photo touch up. I think it looks kind of neat. I'd try it. No square pumpkins, please!!
rofl , it does look loke a foot stool!

I bet it could be done with plexi glas, so it wouldn't take away from any of the sun it needs.
I think it makes sense that it could be done. I've noticed some of my tomatoes coming off the vine in strange shapes this year just due to the other vines crowding the fruit.
It's really odd that Japan had already done it several years ago and now Britain has Square Watermelons, but the US still doesn't?
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I've actually seen these at the market before, freaked me out a little because I always expected them to be round. They were organic and everything but still, I just looked at them and because I aren't used to that shape I automatically thought they'd been tampered with.

We bought one anyway and it was super easy to cut and serve. HMMMMMM. I just had a thought, do you think you could do this with pumpkins? I'd love some square jack's to put on the porch on halloween!
You should be able to do this with pumpkins, squash - almost anything!! Not seen in the US probably due to lack of demand.
You should be able to do this with pumpkins, squash - almost anything!! Not seen in the US probably due to lack of demand.
Yes, I've been searching for them since I made the reply, I know my two year old would go BANANAS over shaped pumpkins! Everywhere that did sell them has them marked as no longer available. Shame really because the pumpkin seeds my daughter planted are taking over the neighborhood. She'd be thrilled to see a plot of Mickey Heads or silly faces. :)
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