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Square Watermelons?

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I don't know, the picture looks fake to me. Especially the stem.

No thanks, I like my watermelon round, sweet, and cold, LOL:lalala:
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I've actually seen these at the market before, freaked me out a little because I always expected them to be round. They were organic and everything but still, I just looked at them and because I aren't used to that shape I automatically thought they'd been tampered with.

We bought one anyway and it was super easy to cut and serve. HMMMMMM. I just had a thought, do you think you could do this with pumpkins? I'd love some square jack's to put on the porch on halloween!
You should be able to do this with pumpkins, squash - almost anything!! Not seen in the US probably due to lack of demand.
Yes, I've been searching for them since I made the reply, I know my two year old would go BANANAS over shaped pumpkins! Everywhere that did sell them has them marked as no longer available. Shame really because the pumpkin seeds my daughter planted are taking over the neighborhood. She'd be thrilled to see a plot of Mickey Heads or silly faces. :)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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