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start TSW Webcoder 4
Replace the New Document between the Title tags with a title for your website

bring your cursor right after the body tag and click on button to center your text.

This will add some html code to align your text centered. If you would prefer it align to the left use the other button.

Add some text for your website. (any text you want)

Let's have a preview of how it would look in a browser. Hmm...not to pretty eh? Let's do some little modifications.

Highlight all of the code line that we added. We will put this text as a header.

Chose H1 for the biggest Header. This will enlarge your font and make the text that you wrote a header.

Click on preview tab to check it out.

Now let's save this little bit of code to our Work folder.
This folder should be located under the actual program that you are using.

Since we are making our first page for our website we will name it index.html

save your work often when you work on a computer

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Got it! :D
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