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I'm looking for a template--or ideas on how to make storage boxes out of cardboard which I will then cover with paper or photos. Can anyone suggest how I can find such a template for an 8 by 11 box with a lid? If I could get the stacks and stacks of magazine articles and other stuff of DH's off of the floor it would be a lot safer for me to move around in our tiny living room. I had a trunk, but it seems that any flat surface is soon covered with his stuff. I'm disabled and sometimes need to use a wheelchair, but can't get into the living room.
I've threatened to cut the legs different lengths on all the tables in the room and just attach the stuff I want on them, and unwanted items would slide off, but it does seem rather drastic. Storage boxes either in the bookcases or on shelves on the walls seem like the way to go.
DH has been unemployed for a very long time, just recently finding work for a very small salary--any salary beats no salary, but we have many bills to pay and little money to use for home improvement. Any suggestions on storage box templates would be greatly appreciated.

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