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This was NOT the way I planned on starting my week, but then again our plans sometimes get changed because of what happens & this is what happened to us.

Our refrigerator started making a clicking noise but I checked everything & everything seemed ok. UNTIL morning:rolleyes: I checked the fridge & everything is warm, I checked the freezer & EVERYTHING is thawed out :pdoff:

We just had a few groceries delivered since I got paid and so I get on the phone & call the landlady & they rush over with a big cooler with ice & we start takeing everything out of the fridge & putting it into the cooler. Then they take out the fridge & go get me another one come back a few minutes later with one & get it hooked up & realize that the doors won't open very well {small kitchen only big enough for a table but NOT the chairs}:rolleyes:
so the landlord takes the doors off and switches them so that they open the way that the other ones did :cheergrl:

We get everything out of their cooler and put back into the fridge and I ended up losing a freezer bag of fresh Halibut a friend gave me :pdoff: a jar of mayonnaise, salad & coleslaw dressings.

Then because ALL the meat we had frozen thawed I had to cook up so this is what I cooked up...

5lbs of bacon ~ divided into ziploc bags & frozen

4lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts ~ used part of this for a salad recipe I found 7 the rest I'm using for dinner tonight.

4lbs of ground beef ~ I made 1 meat loaf % froze and 6 burgers & froze.

Now I have a ton of dishes to wash but at least I saved most of the meats plus we got a few more pounds delivered and our freezer is bigger so I can really freeze a LOT in this one :fdance:

I'm in sooo much pain for being on my feet & doing all that unloading, cleaning up, reloading & cooking & freezing plus NOT sleeping that I could :cry:

I just had to vent a bit.

Tomorrow will be a better day!!! :mdance: :lol3:

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~How annoying! I live in fear that this will happen to me too. Lived here 6 1/2years and nothing's quit on me yet. :nerv2: Sounds like you worked extra hard today. I'm glad to hear you salvaged the majority of your stuff!~
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