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Wow I had intended to start this thread earlier this am before I shot out the door but I guess I havent. LOL I have been in and out numerous times today since 7am and finally its catching up to me but wowzas! When you start your day early you get things done!!

Today I have done:
* went to get Xrays for my lungs (Im eternally sick :( )
* returned DVD at Blockbuster and picked up 2 more for this weekend
* went grocery shopping
* did banking/paid bills
* gassed up truck
* stopped in at the LCBO (liquor/wine store) and picked up a treat - delicious red wine!!
* washed 3 loads of laundry and 1 of bedding
* prepped/thawed dinner
* played in the garden with paw and then ran off to the nursery a few times LOL
* stopped in at the racetrack casino - I got a voucher for $25 free in the mail so I went to collect! YEEHAW!!!!
* cleaned bathroom, picked up around the house, emptied garbages/recycling and swept/vaccuumed

WOW am I ever ready to sit with my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea with my book! I need to do this more often - get very GUNG HO and hop on the ball while its rolling cuz once I stop, I stop for good hahahahaha.

All thats left to do is cook a lovely dinner and enjoy it along with my quiet evening in with bf :)

What have you ladies done today?

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we got up this morning and went out to eat, we hardly ever do this but we thought what the heck!
then on to walmart to get groc.
gassed truck
started laundry
went to g sons first birthday party
now dh is at baseball practice and i am relaxing

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Well we got up this morning with the intention of driving DH to work and well I did but then picked him up an hour later, then we put the knobs on the doors and cabinet drawers.

~ Washed a load of dishes
~ Straightened up my bedroom / made bed
~ Straightened up computer room
~ Put garbage where it belongs (in the bag!) :)
~ Let the doggies out
~ Went to the dog park with the doggies for the first time (Jack didnt do so well with the other dogs)
~ Reheated dinner / put dinner dishes away
~ Went to lowes to get cable thingys ???
~ Checked emails / responded
~ Cleaned kitchen
~ Cleaned little back room
~ Posted a few things on freecycle

Still to do:
~ DSD coming over with her boyfriend
~ Watch a movie with DD and DH
~ PRAY that DH doesnt lose his job

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-DH and I rented a drum sander and edger and then sanded down two of our bedrooms and the hall. We did that from 11-6. I am Exhusted!
-I also ran the dishwasher
-cleaned up the kitchen
-took a shower to wash all the sawdust off!
-Went to get some chinese
-I'm getting ready to put the first coat of poly on the floors

I'm ready to sleep. We're camping out in the livingroom tonight since the bedrooms are off limits!

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Today I woke up at 5 am after only sleeping about an hour
Went to NYC for the day with my family for my mom's 50th birthday:)
We rode a train into Grand Central Station, then went to Times Square, Roxy's for awesome NY style cheese cake, China Town, and then back home. It's hard to cram NYC into one day. I didn't purchase anything though, just my train and subway tickets :)
I just got home at 10:30pm and I am ready for a bath and bed :)
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