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I think Spring has finally sprung! YaY! Its going to be 75 today here. :D
Dave's dad is visiting for a few days. He and Dave will be riding the ATVs and doing some fishing while he's here.
I need to work on laundry... and dishes. Fun fun. :p Then we get to play outside.

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Hoping today we can lay some of my walk way. DH did 8 of them yesterday. He may not be in the mood to do any today.

Fold laundry
shampoo 2 rugs
move ds's boxes to attic
clean grill

Have a woderful day ladies!!

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It's supposed to be 75 here today too. Boxes still to unpack, laundry, yardwork (more raking and some pruning), removing adhesive from the exterior of the house. Grocery shopping if it can be fit in. :cool:
I just want to get the yard decent enough, so that I can start getting the lawn back in shape and make some flower beds.

Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning friends! Lots of work to be done around here. I'm going to be starting my herbs and putting them in the cold frame. Should have done it a week or so ago but oh well...
Also finishing up with the potholes in the driveway . It rained bunches yesterday & that makes them easier to spot. Wonder how many lbs. of rock we'll be hefting today. :toothy:

I have to finish the ant proofing & cleaning of my kitchen too. I had to kill 5 of the nasty devils yesterday. Guess Spring is really here.

Usual laundry and feeding of the troops to do also. Hope I get time to read the paper, I love reading the Sunday paper.:)
Have fun playing today everyone!

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It's supposed to be around 70 today here too...yeah finally:D

Will do some wash and hang it outside to dry
Have to go do some grocery shopping, will also stop at the thrift store and maybe Big Lots.

Will try to get some more painting done in one the bedrooms

Have a great day

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Nice here too ! I have a few things yet to do in the house. Tomorrow we start in the yards. I hope you all enjoy the noce weather .

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Laundry, hang laundry, Clean, Clean Clean. We finally have the house to ourselves and Dh is gone so I think I'll set the kid to work and we will tryto whip this house back into shape! The workmen have gone and we won't be starting the next wave of renovations until this summer so I guess I'll have to put this house back into rder sometime son.:D

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Dh has gone rose crazy....we have about 7 new rose bushes. I can't believe that we're out of room and he's still wanting more. I think we may have to till the yard up for a rose garden. I'm not gonna let him do that, but he's really gone wild ;).
I'm going to help him plant and clean up around the patio and yard today. I've already done some dishes and the general pick up around the house. We're gonna have some fish for dinner and just play in the dirt until then. Our weather is wonderful...hope everyone else is having a great day:cool:

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Looks like a nice day here :)

Dh just got a call and might have to go on it though, darnit! I really wanted to go with him to the big mall to look for my walking shoes. We were also planning on going to Del Taco.

I've already:
Dressed/did hair/quick makeup
Clipped coupons I need/looked at sales fliers
Threw in load of laundry
Put away some clean dishes
Threw out trash
Did a coupon trade

I just need to figure out where I want to go shopping this morning, if I even can.

I also need to:
Switch the laundry*Done*
finish putting away the clean clothes
Clean the BATHroom omg it really needs it!
Go for a walk to get sun and exercise *Done*
Mop kitchen/bathroom
Pick up AYla's room to be tidy
Paint my nails
Nair my mustache
Do an ab workout!!!! I MUST do this I keep putting it off
Go to Albertsons *Done*
Go To Target *Done*
Give Ayla a Bath *Done*
Get envy ready to mail

Dinner plans~ not really sure, but I have all the fixings for little pizza's, so that sounds like a plan to me.

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should be nice here today as well, so far i have already:

Laundry (all day event)
Cleaned bathroom from top to bottom (literally from top to bottom)

also have to:
Dust more
Sort coupons
Declutter more
Work on weeding a couple of beds to get ready for planting next week
anything else i can come up with before day ends. :lol:

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Wash about 6 loads of laundry and line dry.
Make brunch and freeze extra (from scratch) waffles.
Clean house
Make dinner and lunches

Somewhere find a few minutes to breath!

Hey...I bought one of those long lasting, only uses 15 watts but puts out 60 watts lightbulbs. Lets see how well it works. Also put all my Entertainment appliances on a power bar. When not in use the power bar is turned off.

I wonder how much the utility bill will drop???
Will let you know!

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Good afternoon all:D Today I have serious spring fever!! I have done laundry and DH replanted some fir tree starts in our yard! So far we have found a blackberry bush,yucca plants,roses,and some UGP's(unidentified growing plants:toothy: ) I also won my first ever ebay bid!!!! The Tightwad Gazette for $3.00 yippeeeeeeeee..... Now off to do more laundry so the gorls get out the door to school,and DH off to work-then the day is MINE LOL
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