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A little late in the afternoon, but better late than never.
A beautiful day here. Super sunny, but not hot. The temp dipped down into the 40's last night, so I was happy to see a warm and sunny day today. Gabe tilled in another garden area for me.
I planted:
10 hostas around a base of a tree out front.
25 hostas into the side bed
packet of painted daisy seeds
packet of red poppy seeds
packet of bellflower seeds
container of astilbe
container of yarrow
container of gloxinia

I have tons more to direct sow, but need to till in another bed on the sunny side of the yard.

Chicken, stuffing, veggie for dinner tonight.

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Wow Sara, that's a lot of planting! What's your neighbor planting?:D

The rain continues . The creek is flowing like it does in early spring since we've had so much precipitation. Enough!!

I have felt lazy all day and haven't done much of anything except making the bed, picking up the house and making potato salad. I did make time to play around on the computer & the game cube.:D Just a lazy rainy day.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

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Sara your yard is going to be beautiful! I washed clothes today and went and spent some time with dd, she is looking so cute with her belly poking
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