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Good Morning Everyone!

Hope all is well in your little patch of Earth. Speaking of Earth... Happy Earth Day!

I was up since 5am - so far I have...
- showered, dressed, caffinated
- made breakfast for DF
- cleaned the kitchen
- 2 loads of laundry
- tilled the 'plot'
- got the containers ready for planting
- planted squash
- planted snapdragons
- planted morning glory
- checked email
- sorted materials for sewing wallets
- crocheted while watching AM news
- bought Sunday paper

Still need to-
- drive DF to work
- Buy tomato & pepper plants
- plant flowers
- clip coupons
- get dinner ready for the bbq
- wait for DD to get home for the weekend
- cook with dd & df (maybe do marshmallows too)
- read with dd
- shower with df
- get some sleep because Monday is going to be BUSY

OoOh! Day 3 of no smoking :thud:

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Wow you've bee busy already this morning Lady V!

As for me it's very nice and sunny out and I've been up since 6:45 and have done:

~ Woke up, brushed teeth, brushed hair, made bed
~ Drove DH to work
~ Let the doggies out
~ Put a load of laundry to wash
~ Busted out my diet pepsi and had a few swigs :)

Still to do:
~ Wake up DD
~ Put laundry in dryer
~ Go to the flea market
~ Stash away some xmas gifts
~ Let the doggies out again
~ Wash a dishwasher full of dishes
~ Relax, surf the net, reply to emails
~ Write in my blog
~ Pick up DH from work
~ Watch a movie with DH and DD

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*sigh* Everyone in my house except Courtney is asleep. That makes it hard to do anything. I've just basically been on the computer for the last hour.


Go to church
Tidy up living room and sweep floor
Go to Home Depot for free light bulbs and price hanging baskets
Bank-make deposit
Pay car insurance
plan dinner
wipe down woodwork in hallway (spring cleaning chore)
plant daffodill bulbs

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Today is going to be another beautiful day!!
I am going to do some work inside and outside today since I basically ignored my messy house and opted for the sunshine yesterday. This afternoon our family will be meeting some friends.

Enjoy the beautiful day and happy Earth Day all!!

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Morning Everyone!

It's going to be a beautiful day here. Although I'm still half asleep. As if the "rabbit incident" all day yesterday wasn't enough, our beagle woke us up at 2 a.m. having a seizure (he has epilepsy). Which means, once the seizure is over he loses control of his bodily functions...vomiting, peeing and pooping. Usually we can get him outside before this happens, but not last night. I spent and hour cleaning it all up. Anyway..... LOL.... nothing much planned here for today. DH and I are going to visit his mom for awhile this morning and then I think I'll just chill on the couch with my Sunday paper and some magazines and hopefully squeeze in a few minutes for a much needed nap :)

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I'm up nursing an awful headache!
Need to do:
plan dinner
read paper and clip coupons
plant tree and flowers Happy Earth Day!

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Morning all. We have had a busy weekend with lots of running around. It is beautiful out today so all the windows will be open and airing out the house. Dh needs to take the storm windows off of our bedroom today.
Just going to have a quiet day here. Do some chores and relax inbetween. Have a good day

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morning everyone!!!
So far I made my bed
wash the dishes
swiffed all the floors
made breakfast for everyone
hubbys using little green machine to his truck(cleaning all the rugs and seats)
vacumned couch, chair, and rug

this afternoon: BBQ at friends, we take BBQ there
go for walk after supper on boardwalk with kids

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G'morning everyone:wave2:

2 of our grown 3 dkids are home today. We had a family friend's wedding yesterday afternoon, so we had a big day. Today the young un's are sleeping in a bit, Gripey and I are reading the paper and surfing, about to fix breakfast. Just going to enjoy the day and time with our kids. No big plans around here.

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Today I am going to:
Clean the bathroom
Go for a walk by the lake
Visit my mother
Wash laundry
Clean the inside of my car
Wash my car
Clip coupons
Knit some more of my scarf

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Hello all!

So far I have been on the puter and played with the dogs and checked my ebay.......

Okay fine I am putting on coffee and cleaning the livingroom.

ok livingroom is done and one to diningroom and kitchen.:weeping:

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Wow, I feel lazy this morning compared to all you busy bees. I have barely gotten anything done.
so far today:
woke up
left dogs outside and fed them
read the morning paper
started dinner in the crockpot
ate breakfast
checked email and other places online.

Things I need to do today:
get a shower
go to flag football
do laundry
clean up a little around the house

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Dh & I slept in this morning since the kids spent the night at my mom's last night :toothy:

Then he washed the van (inside & out) while I sat outside inthe sun knitting & talking to him. He also unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher AND made the coffee this morning!!

Now we're having lunch before we run off to pick up the kids. I think we're going to grill outside for dinner. Then I have a stinking work meeting at 8pm, some wine tasting crap. Just what I want to do with my Sunday evening :(

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So far today I've:

Woke up and made breakfast
Let all the dogs out and fed them
Went to Church
Got lunch prepared and DH cooked it on the grill
Straigthened up the bathroom

I still need to:

Sort the laundry
run the dishwasher
get dinner ready
Iron my scrubs for the week
dust the livingroom
Finish the skirt I'm working on
relax outside for a little while and enjoy this beautiful day:sun:

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Today was much better than yesterday... not only did I avoid eating fast food *yay me* but after Mass we came home and I finally posted my husbands resume on

It's something I've been meaning to do all week. Hopefully we get something back soon.

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Well today is a lazy day. So far I have

Seen dad and found some paperwork for him
Got a paper
Got some doggy treats
Entered an audit
Tidying up the office/craft room

Still need to do

Tidy office craft room some more
Fold and Iron laundry
Get DD to finish up some school work
Watch TV
Watch dog. Doggy hasn't been doing well the past couple of days. Tomorrow she goes to the vet to see what is wrong.

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Wow today has been a very busy day!

Got the bf up and ready to go spend the day with his son while I did my own things with family - thats a chore in itself! :laugh:

Since I was up at 8am I have:

* Put on coffee for everyone
* Prepped bf and got him out the door with a fresh brewed cup of java and a tasty granola bar
* Met up with a gf for breakfast/coffee/gossip :lol:
* Went and did a mini grocery shop and picked up something for my brothers birthday - which is today
* Gassed up, cleaned up the inside, vaccuumed and hand washed truck (this was GREAT especially since its about 90 degrees out today - a spring 90 degrees, no humidity, no heat index, no bugs, slight breeze - its freaking awesome!) I think I got a lil too much sun though :laugh:
* Took my dad with me to the birthday boys luncheon
* Got laundry on the go - drying on the line out back too!
* Emptied garbage and took out the recycling
* Watched ER (recorded from Thurs evening)
* Paid bills, tweaked budget
* Cleaned bathroom too

All thats left to do is figure out whats for dinner and Im going to enjoy my time out in this beautiful weather! Hopefully the sun will blast this nasty cough outta my system and my ribs will stop hurting :(

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Hi all, Rainy off and on all day here. Went to visit son, then back home and tried to help neighbor in her garden. We kept getting rained on!! HA HA. Will make supper, then try to hit the hay early tonight. Have a busy week ahead!

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:smooch: and I had a great day!

We went and picked up my car, which we'd left downtown at a friend's place because we were going out for a few drinks (which ended up being a great evening, btw).

After that, we came home and did some talking. We'd been on and off getting a second cat, and finally decided that, yes, it would be a good idea to get a female cat to be a companion for our current male cat. With both of us being in school and working all the time next year, we're hardly going to have any time for each other, let alone our poor cat. So we think getting him a friend would be a good idea. There's lots of options at the different SPCAs and on Craigslist, Kijiji and Freecycle, so we'll pick a pretty girl with a good temper, like our boy.

We also went for a nice long stroll in a local park, drove by some different properties for sale, and discussed what our plan of action is. I love talking with him about things like this. We figure it'll be a few more years before we consider getting married, but we will be getting our education, paying off our debts and figuring out if we want to stay here in NS or if we want to move abroad in that time.

So now we are sitting down to dinner, then we'll spend the afternoon cleaning up and vegging out. :)

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we had another great day here!
this morning i washed dishes
had 2 cups of coffee (one iced mmmmmm)
went to work a bday party for 2 hours
came home
washed and painted the patio table
pulled up some bushes that were on their last legs
straightened up the laundry room
folded 2 loads
applied for another part time job
DH mowed the yard and is chopping wood that we pruned to go on the pile and he did a little mulching

Then we sat on the porch and blew bubbled and wrote with sidewalk chalk to amuse DS

we are about to go see my grandmother for dinner
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