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Hi there everyone! I am new to this forum and am VERY glad to have found it!

I need some advice. I am throwing a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend's 40th. I am having it at our house to save money as money is VERY tight for me right now. I am honestly stressed out of my mind about not having enough money now for bills and for the party, which is December 4th. The food is pretty much covered as his mom is making a ham and his sisters are bringing a side. My worry is the Drinks. Mainly alchohol as I want to have enough. There will be about 30 people. I am going to make a champagne punch but I need beer, wine, and some hard stuff. Oh and appetizers and soda!!

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to save money! I am making myself sick right now with worry but I also feel bad asking everyone to bring something as I am the one that decided to have a party for him! Silly Silly me, I just wanted to do something nice!
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