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Hi, I am looking for someone interested in swapping. These are thing I have....and want
Please contact me directly at [email protected].
Ocean Spray Free T-shirt form
Hershey/Almond Joy/Kit Kat/Reese’s/Payday 1.55oz Wrappers
AA miles
Hot Bites upcs :Bagel Bite/Li’l Calzonies/Deep Dish Mini’s/Tater Dogs/Nacho Dippers/Mozzarella Stix upc’s off any box

Ball Park Frank upc’s
Kellogg’s Gold Medals “2002 Olympic GEAR” from boxtops

Freshlike froz veg coupons, Gatorade 50/1 coups, Hotbite/1

Postage Stamps and cash, gift certificates.
I take paypal. Please make offer in first e-mail

Have List
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Buy 3 Get one Free Coupon 1/31/03
Arm and Hammer Free Movie Rental Form 3/31/03
Kelloggs Free Pin Certificate
1 Entenmann’s Little Bites Buy 5 Get one Free form
Monster’s Inc $5 Rebate form w/ Orville popcorn 2/28/03
Free $10 Gift Check By mail Rayovack Max Plus Alkaline Multi-Card or Clear Value Packs K-mart 12/31
$5 off Admission to SeaWorld or Busch Gardens winning Gamepeice
1 Sheer Endurance Free Hosiery Club Cert 8 Certs=1 pair
8 Free Bowling Cert Banquet (May 31/03) 1 banquet upc
One Free night at Holiday Inn with purchace of one night plus free $15 Blockbuster card
Arm and Hammer Buy 2 Get a Free Blockbuster Movie Rental
1 Free Coke at Target

10 ConAgra Rebate forms
Try me free forms!
Free puffs w/ 2 vicks purchace 12/31/02
Reach Squeeze Free after rebate up t 4.75 12/31/02
Free 8x10 JCPenney portraits 7/24/03
Bayer Women’s aspirin w/calcium $7.49 rebate
3-Herbal Essence Fruit Fusions (CVS only) $3.99
3 Reach Max try me free $3.99 rebate plus $1 off Reach Max coupon
3 Durecell 4 pack $3 rebate (cvs only)
1 Alka-Seltzer Nose and Throat $6.99 rebate
Free Fazolie’s Soft Drink or Lemon Ice Cert (no send in-complete deal with code)
Free Sushi Rol @Benihana 2/30/02
2 Buy 1 Bag Get ! Free Halls Fruit Breezers 1/31/03
Noxema Shaving Try For Free Rebate 1/7/03
1 Free Crest rejuvenatin effects form 3/31/03
Free Tetley Green Blend Tea Try me Free
Free $15 Bath and Bodyworks Aromatheripy product w/$10 purchace 1/6/2003

Other forms:

2 Bob the Builder Yoplait Forms ($1.50 each or 15 wants)
Kellogg’s Gold Medal 2002 Olympic Gear Offer 3/2003
$5 Rebate By Mail On Spider-man, Men in Black 2 or Stuart Little 2 when 3 P &G are bought.
Free Old Spice Spray coupon when another is purchaced
Campbells U.S. Olympic Soup Mug 3.99 w/2 lables 12/31/02
1-Renuzit Buy 2 get one free
$5 off Nicotrol coupon
Free 2 Liter pop w/ Brach’s bag candy purcace coupon
20% off $50 purchase at Fredricks of Hollywood
$20 Gift Certificate for the Great Indoors (actual certificate for 60 Gold Medals)
$3 Rebate Rembrant
$5 off GNC $25 purchace coupon 12/31/02
Welches Refrigerated Free Movie Form 3/15/02
Hujggies $7 Cash Refund Form 1/31/03
Hershey Racing Free stuff form
1 Count Chocula Monster Wacky Wobbler Bobble head form
1 C Chocula T-shirt form plus 1 upc for either
1 free produce w/2 wishbone
Disney Cruise Line Spreaders 5.99 plus 2 smuckers Jams on crt Mickey and Life ring w/ears 2/15/03
1 Le Cream order form for previous purchase with receipt
2 Monster fuzzy CD Case w/2 proffs and $3.99
1 Free McCormick Holiday Cooking and Entertaining Guide w/ 3 proofs 12/31/2

Colgate Simply White $5 Rebate form Plus Coupon
2 Enfamil Lipel Sweepstakes forms
2 forms to get a coupon for 10% off up to $10,000 purchase at Loews (up to $1000 value) At least 10 wants
$4.50 Rebate on Alka-Selzer, Bayer, Aleve Products form
Panasonic Alkaline Plus $4 cash back form 3/31/03

Labels & Points

6x5 M5M miles (30 miles)
1 Newport upc
1 Ballpark upc/$1 (Cool stuff)
1 AA mile (for 3 gold medals)
1 Welches Refrigeratorated upc
20 Boxtops for education
5 Campbell soup labels
2~$5 off 15 food purchace TGI Fridays, I~$4off Red Lobster 2 dinners,$3 off 2 Olive Garden Dinners
60 Eploids
3 Bounty Double Quilted 8 pk upcs

600 Betty Crocker Points

1 Lionel Train Set Track Offer for $10 worth of track free w/purchace of 139.00 train
2 ConAgra Foods $2 rebate form
2 Dove Mail-in offer form for one free product (6.99) coupon
Bertolli form“Celebrates the Mediterranean Menu Recipe book plus vintage magnet 3.95
Playtex Free Video CVS offer”Straight Talk about Menstration” Form (requires 3 Playtex tampons)
Free $10 Blockbuster Gift Card by mail w/2Panasonic Alkaline for Digital Batteries 1/31/03
$6 Rebate on Benefiber 12/31/02
Fugi $5 Rebate w/purchase of 35mm camera 1/31/06
$5 Rebate Ernest and Julio Gallo and one 12 pack Miller 12/31/02
$5 Refund Reach Power Brush 12/31/02
$5 off $25 Tupperware purchace at mall display carts only coupon
Banquet Racing Die Cast Offer Form plus 1 upc and Sweeps form
1 Free NFL Team Hat Form w/ purchace and reciept from 1 gallon Prestone Antifreeze 1/31/03
1 Welches Movie Offer 3/15/03
1 Panasonic Alkaline Plus Battery 1-$4 Rebate 4/30/03
Handi Snack Free Toys Form 3/31/03
Free CD Songs for Life~Albertsons/Sav-on w/ 3 upc and reciipt Huggies, Scott, Cottonelle
Lowes 10% off form for purchaces up to 10,000 (10 medals please)
$20 Gift Certificate for the The Great Indoors (60 medals please!)
ET DVD/VHS Coupon $5 Off 1/10/03

1 upc from 6pk sunmaid raisons & address for B2G1free offer (3 gold medals please)
2 M & M 3.27 oz upc I Entenman’s Ultimate Cinn Rolls upc
2- rice-a-roni 1 Banquet Chicken upc
1 Boston Market & 1 activation code 1 Dorito’s 6.5 oz upc
1 sunsweet 1 Crossant Pockets upc
1 El Montery up 1 Ironkids crustless upc
4 ACT 2 popcorn upc 8 50/2 Ore Ida Potatoes
1 new baby bottle w/kites, planes, helicopter (plus $1 postage) this is not a upc
1 bic softwin 5 pack 2 $1 off Pedialyte Liquid or Pops
1 Colgate total 1 Binaca fast Blast Breath Spray upc & .50 form .
1 ambipure upc 1 Hanes Socks upc
1 warheads wrapper 2 Tombstone Pizza Top wrappers
1 twizzler 31oz 3 Stoffers 40oz Family style upc
1 Le Cream upc 1 Betty Crocker Fruit Rolls upc
1 Krispy Saltines 16 oz 1 White Castle 6 pk frozen upc
6 Marie Calander upc’s 2 Cookies & snickers upc
2 Quaker fruit and oat bar 1 Buitoni Mini Beef Ravoli upc
1 nature valley trailmix bar 1 Kelloggs Pop Tart 22 oz upc
8 Kraft kids pop or 24 points 1 White Castle frozen cheeseburger upc(.35/1 cou)
1 blue bonnet stick 1 New York Garlic Toast upc
1 Kelloggs red berries Sp K upc 1 ConAgra Foods upc
2 Dunkin Hines Brownies upc 1 Barbor food upc
1 sargento cheese stick upc 1 Lifesaver pep Reciept
30 Doughboy points plus one extra Pillsbury Quick Bread upc
1 Stoffers Pot Pie upc 2 Pop Secret upc
1 Kelloggs Raison Brn 25.5 oz upc 5 Lipton Cup-a-Soup upc
1 King Arther Flour upc 1 Energizer 9V 2pk upc
1 Maralboro miles
1 Fugi Quicksnap Flash 400 upc 1 Huggies BabyWipes 2 point POP
1 Tang 10pk p of p
1 Dixie Cup Dispenser 3oz. ProofOP
1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Label

Coupon potlucks (100 each) Expired coupon potluck 4 military over 400

Index cards 2 per upc from wants
Gift Wrap Sheets 3 pk. 15 gold medals
New Deck of Cards w/ lions or Elk picture on front (20 Gold Medals)
Bubble padded Mailing envelopes 6x9 Bright Red Plastic (15 Gold medals)
Regular white mailing envelopes. 1 per upc
e things I have..and want.
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