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So hear I sit at 5:30 in the morning in NW Iowa sweating and DH doesn't even have the heat on, oh ya maybe its the 3 pans in the kitchen boiling for church today for soup. Kids are haveing a harvest festival and I get to supply the soup, yeah that's it and of course hot flashes going on too.

Tried those potatoes from my last post and they were good, won't go out of my way to much to make them though for they need buttermilk in them ans I just so happen to have some at the time since I made banana bars and that reciepe calls for bm, oh dang I love thosse banan bars, could eat those all day with cream cheese frosting mmmm..

DD wwent duck hunting yesterday with bf and shot 2 ducks with one shot, I asked her is she was going to mount one and she said maybe as a 4h project, haven't talked to her since she's been home she came in at 11 last night. My daughter the mighty hunter lol.

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