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It's 9:10 a.m. and I've been up since 5:30. I've done 4 loads of laundry...recall the infestation. This stuff has been in bags for 3 days as I am only ONE person!

The house has been sprayed and vaccuumed and will be again once dh gets out of bed.

I plan on doing as little as possible today as I had to work yesterday.

I'll let the crock pot cook for me...just love my crockpot!

I plan on doing the measurements for my day bed and maybe start the re- apholstry job.

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I'm going to be gone most of the day today as always on Sundays, I have my meeting & then we go out to dinner then I gotta do some shopping.
I got my NEW trading board up & running :) this is the best one I've seen yet & fro very little money. :D:D:D
Everyone have a great Sunday :)

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Whew, the worst is behind me. (I hope) I wrote another paper for the film class, this one was "Love Jones" . The Professor expects a lot so I have to work hard to over come my writers block. There are some workshops coming up that may help, i will see about them

Finished the 10 chapters I had to read for the test on Monday. Wow this is difficult reading, very deep, I am thinking in ways I never have!!!

I have an easy art test on Tuesday. i also have a paper due. Just critiquing any piece of art, my choice...that is also done!!!
I do need to make some 3x5 study cards for the art class vocabulary that I am not familiar with

Going to do a couple of things for myself now, not sure which 2 out of 3

Take a short nap
Bake the bread
Paint my paneling a "Papaya" color... I am doing the painting on paneling I posetd a while back. Im gonna be brave and daring!

I think I'll skip the nap!

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Wow Robin, sounds like a lot!

Today was one of those days I just couldn't leave the house soon enough, but I had to wait for carl to finish a guitar project first.

So far, I clipped my coupons, made my list, went to the mall to look for shoes (ended up buying clothes instead), went to Ralphs and did a big shopping trip, got my bikini zone waxed :eek:, and that's about it.

I still want to:
get an envy ready to mail
put away coupons before ayla gets back
Dishes/clean the living room

And I also need to do some online stuff (survey, submit rebate, check email)
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