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Sweet Peppers

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13 October 2010 Last of the Sweet Peppers 13 October 2010 Peppers

The last of the peppers (Seven Plants) were picked today, due to expected Frost coming. These are sweet, and two different varieties. They do turn bright red if the season is long enough. There were four plants of hot peppers, which were picked a few days ago. Peppers grow well in my garden.
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My peppers did horrible this year..........rainy spring and mild summer is NOT conducive to having orange peppers.

They were at the green stage......and not fond of the green ones (my system doesn't like them!) so I gave them away.
A deer came and ate all the leaves and small peppers off of my bell pepper plant. Just left the stems. I didn't know they loved peppers so much.
most green peppers will turn red or orange if you just leave them on the plant and wait for them to change color
We had tons of hot peppers and my daughter made delicious salsa and even froze some for " poppers".
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