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Target opening stores in Canada in 2013 & 2014

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Target is coming to Canada and opening stores in 2013. They're buying out leases from Zellers, the Canadian retail chain.

Target coming to Canada - Canada -

I don't think it will be the same as the US locations re: bargains and merchandise offered.

For example coupons are widely accepted down in the US and barely used/offered in Canada. Clothing brands/selection/sizing will still be different. A size 10 up in Canada is smaller then a size 10 down in the US.

So fellow Fugal Canadians...does this make you excited?
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The Zeller's across the street here is one of the one's that has been slated to become a target, and we're so psyched in the neighbourhood.

However the people who still work in the store are just miserable and sad and slow. I always liked Zeller's stuff - especially the men's clothes, but now its just so bleak there. I'll be glad when the changeover happens.
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