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Oh it looks like it is going to rain here today. I hope not.
My day will be full and exhausting,

Finish Mother's Faux quilt
laundry fold and put away
Organize my fabric
Pay bills
pack for trip this weekend
Timesheets for payroll

That should take me untill about 2:30 this afternoon.
What's everyone else doing today?

Make it a Great day!

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Goodmorning Friends! Looks to be a cool but sunny day today. Glad it's cool out as I have to help Dh fill pot holes in the driveway. Actually it's a bit more work than that as we are really putting a lot of rubble (10 wheeler load) down as the driveway has really gotten bad after this winter. 1000 foot driveway is a long driveway. This is not going to be fun...:(

Dinner is an eye of the round done on the rotisserie in the grill.
Mashed sweet potatoes and ?

I'd like all of you to do something nice for yourselves today, OK?

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It's only 35º here after being in the 80's the past 2 days. :(

Today I need to:

*go to my brother's house for instructions on watching his house over his vacation
*pick up some pictures at Walgreens
* LAUNDRY--I've fallen behind again :(
*Maybe work on sewing my girls' Easter dresses...or I'll be buying them tomorrow instead :(

Have a good day everyone!

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Good morning friends !!!!!!!!!
dd has her tonsilectomy(sp?) today so I gotta go soon....... Hugs to everyone !!!!!!!

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oh well, weather not to shabby here today --

after work need to go through coupons to find good ones for FRED'S on Saturday and grocery store
Cook, Wash Dishes
Exercise on Stepper

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I am going to

Mow the lawn (DD said she would but I really like to do it, it smells so great right afterwards)
do laundy
vacuum the house
bake pumpkin bread
cook supper

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Thrifty Thrusday........

Thrifty Thrusday........
So far today I have loaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher to wash.
I have cleaned the stove off.
I have cleaned the counter top off.
I have made up the bed.
I have also taken the dogs out for there morning walk in our yard.
I have feed the animals.
I still have to :
Put away the clean dishes.
Give DD her bath today.
I have to get a shower.
I have to dust.
I have to vacuum.
I have to sweep.
I have to still wash clothes.
I have to put away the clean clothes.
Tonight DH's Work is going Bowling and the Families are invited to go as well and There will be Free Pizza there too.
I love to Bowl so I get to Bowl and Eat Pizza for Free.
I hope Everyone has a Great Day.

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School this afternoon, a quickie informal meeting to work on a group presentation

I have so many papers due!
Critical analysis on Frankenstein due Friday
Response to Oscar Micheaux's Body and Soul Due Monday
Museum visit and response to any watercolor painting Due Tues
Quiz and Response paper for History

not to mention making the time to go to the museum on Friday The kids and I are going to J Paul Getty Museum Fri

After some of this, I will clean up this shack if time allows

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Hope everyone's Thursday is going well.

Not much going on here. I just finished up cleaning the house. Had tons of laundry to do, and still feel like I am getting nowhere with it. :toothy:

I have to work, and dh is going to clean up the yard. That's it for us.

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Raining here again today:( Two of my boys just could not get along this morning so I decided to pull a "mommy special". I told them that they would share and room and the other twin would get his own room for the first time in his life. HA!!!! So Chris has his own room now and Josh (his twin) keeps drifting into the room to be near Chris. Jaysn (the oldest) is sharing a room with Josh now...but get this...they (the 2 who were not getting along earlier) are now thrilled with this new arrangement because between the 2 of them, they have 2 black lights and it makes their room look very cool!!!:cool:

So far, besides supervising the big move today I have:
-finished reading Armageddon (the latest book in the Left behind series, just got it yesterday at the library)
-made a quick lunch
-got the Easter card mailed off to inlaws
-mailed off a card and some coupons to a good friend
-got myself ready for the day
-called a good friend to offer her some clothes for her boys
-picked up the living room
Still need to:
-plan dinner
-catch up on email
-finish cleaning off one of my desks

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!

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I'm so exhuaseted and it's not even 2 pm yet :eek:

After getting ayla and myself dressed/fed I took her out to the storage to pull out more books and I brought out her old clothes to sell on ebay.

So there I was ironing them when I just got that sentimental rush everytime I picked one out so now I'm going to be putting a lot away for another future baby. (ours or my sisters? who knows)
I did start a bag to donate from her and my stuff so I might take her out to goodwill.

Other than that, I did my workout and just picked up the living room. Oh! and I put the ham in the freezer, worked on her coloring for her grandparents..cut it out into shape of an egg...

I still need to:
Give her a bath
Take things out to the mail
Put away coupons
Clean her room
make our bed
Paint/File my nails
Put away clothes
Fix carl dinner (probably little pizza's)
Work out my grocery list~decide if I need another ham or not
Get some ME TIME!!!
Take ayla for a walk if it's not raining
watch CSI
Stop myself from pigging out before bed
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