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Good morning! I'm still catching up from the weekend. I went yardsaling THREE DAYS IN A ROW! It was like a dream come true, lol. Yesterday I had to work, so today I have to tame Mt. Wash me. DH and I got some great bargains. I'm still giddy over our finds.

This morning DH sent me trash picking. He called to tell me to go pick up 2 hose reels that were in the trash. I had to go quick because the trash men are coming. Of course I'm wearing a BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRT! So it's like LOOK AT ME I'M PICKING SOMEONES TRASH! I don't like to trash pick, but mission accomplished.

vacuum and dust
clean out fridge
make macaroni salad
meet DH for lunch (his treat cause I picked the trash-lol :toothy: )
make dinner
Tonight I have a VBS meeting at church
ship ebay stuff

Have a wonderful day! :sun:

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Good morning
Its cleaning day for me :(
Then its such a pretty sunny day I see me laying by the pool with an iced tea!!
Have a shop at the mall for later and going to use my free chick filet coupons for an ice cream and coke!!!
Dinner is meatball stroganoff with cucumbers for a veggie.
Gotta go today or tommorow to use my 4/30 coupons and get more free hamburg and tuna.
Have a great day!!!

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Good Morning.
I went for my walk again this morning and I am working 8-2 today as usual. SO has dug me up some more Yucca plants from the woods, so I will be planting them as soon as I get home and probably spreading more poopy hay. I think supper is ham and potatoes au gratin. I have a coupon for $12 that I can use at CVS on anything. I will be hitting their clearance section at lunch. Have a great day everybody.

(BTW - so far nothing new to report on the stalker. Thanks for your thoughs and prayers).

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Totally Terrific Tuesday...

Totally Terrific Tuesday...
Wash clothes
Dry clothes
Fold clothes
Put the clothes up in there proper places
Clean laundry room
Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
Make up beds
Fix Lunch and Dinner
Make a Budget
Make a Grocery List
Walk the dogs
Change Kitty litter
I hope Everyone has a great day Today.

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Woke to find out that carl has the day off since there wasn't enough work to do.

So I've already made a quick shopping trip at Raley's, got a raincheck (they include a 1$ off 10$ purchase coupon!)

We are cookin lunch (tator tots) and then plan on going to the Great mall to look for some walking shoes for me, and maybe stop at dell taco or mc donalds for a treat.

I still need to stop by albertsons to pick up some good deals on things like coke, cheese, and fruit all before tonight~ either that or get rainchecks if they are out.

I'm still getting over my cold...I'm feeling it worst in my sinuses/throat right now :(

Oh and we also need to take the trash to the curb, and tonight I get to check the ralphs ad online. :)

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Today I have a few things to get done since we don't have a meeting tonight.
clean bathroom
finish laundry
clean kitchen
wash & put dishes away
dust bedroom
polish curio cabinet
might do some online shopping
caught up with magazines
gave a friend her cd back
tossed expired coupons
updated coupon board
water plants
get schedule for recycle pick-up service
planned on making a cake & forgot I don't have any eggs:toothy:
clean shelf in fridge
organize freezer
plan meals for dads visit
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