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Terrific Tuesday

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Good morning!!
Got a day full of mystery shops, but thats ok I am going to the Westbank and they always have good coupons over there. And one of my shops is for gas so it is even better.
No cookin for me we are going to get chinese take out :) NO DISHES :)
Hope everyone has a wonderfully frugal day!!!
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Terrible Stormy Tuesday here.......

Terrible Stormy Tuesday here.......
Made the beds
Folding clothes
Wash clothes
Dry clothes
Fold the clothes
Put the clothes up
Wash Dishes
Make Lunch
Take out Garbage
Change Kitty Litter
Read to DD
Give DD her shower
Clean Kitchen and Laundry Room
Work on Potty Training DD.
Do Daily Devotionals(Bible Study and Pray)
Put DD down for her nap.
Walk the Dogs.
I hope everyone has a great day today. :) :) :) :)
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