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Good morning! So far this morning I got soap in my eye and got a call for work but couldn't go because Dh took my van with the baby seat! AAARRRGGGHHHHH! I begged him not to take my van! :fuming: I don't think I had a sitter anyway....

So far I took a shower, started the laundry, and am having my tea. :coffee:


Wash and vacuum green minivan to prepare for sale-get a sale sign on it TODAY!
figure my Paypal balance
make eye appt for DD1
confirm my shops for July
dollar store for trash bags, cassette head cleaner, and a new bucket
spot stains in green van
plan dinner

Should be nice here today. They are promising low humidity. And can you believe, I need to water my flowers? I think the soaking rains have finally moved on-unless that tropical storm comes our way, and it probably will.

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Today I am cleaning out my van and vacuuming it. I also need to do laundry and get some stuff listed on ebay. Oh and mop the kitchen. I hate mopping! Dinner tonight is hamburgers on the grill so its an easy fix with an easy clean up yahoo! Have a nice day everyone!

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Just working today. We are expecting rain later in the afternoon and I want it to come on and then leave before the 4th. Need to do laundry but I will probably put it off one more day. I seem to be on a lazy streak.


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Good morning
Well we got lots to clean up after that tropical storm.
We had totally cleaned the yard, got the pool and jacuzzi ready, now its all a mess :(
Got 2 shops
Going to try a new recipe for baked ziti, hope it turns out good.
Have a nice day!!!

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cleaned kitchen
cleaned livingroom
cleaned diningroom

need to clean bathrooms, computer room and finish laundry
connect one more plant light
take the kids for a walk/bike ride
prep dinner
site work
empty dishwasher
still need to do kitchen floor too

Uneventful day here. It's Gabe's week to work late and he's also leashed via cellphone and pager, so not much going on.

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Happy Tuesday everyone:D
Have to finish laundry
have to call dd about plans for the 4th
start getting things together for vacation:cool:

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Sorry about the soap in youreye Danielle !!!!:eek:uch:
Sounds like van cleaning fever around here..... I have the day off and I'm not answering the phone, I'm going to pick more berries, clean the motorhome and straighten a bit in the house....
Big chore today...... shampoo the bathroom carpet, ds got sick on it ......:(

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Spent a.m. typing up the last of 3 reports for ex-dh...he works for Wal-mart and needed sales reports for the 3 major summer holidays.
made bed
washed load of clothes
decluttered laundry room and packed
decluttered craft box and repacked
worked on book case (declutter and pack)
dinner in crock

Need to hang laundry
wash dishes
general clean up.
Go to Giant Eagle for pepsi (after dh gets home)

no rain here...hope everyone has a productive day


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I got my inspection completed:D and now just have to wait for paperwork to get here so I can get that all returned.
I'm suppose to be getting my DD's cat but am still waiting.
cleaned the kitchen
washed & put dishes away
baked a lemon cake
ordered groceries to be delivered in the am
went through checkbook
got bills figured out & mailed
emailed landlady about DD's cat
took trash out
watered outside plants
got to get ready for tonights meeting

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It hasn't been so hot as last week so I'm thrilled about that.
Carl is probably working late, not so thrilled about that! :D

I took Ayla out to the car with me to clean it out from our beach trip. I also dragged out our vacuum cleaner and vacuumed it, cleaned out the little compartments like the ash tray, and dusted off the dashboard, and cleaned off hard water stains on the windsheild. Meanwhile I had two loads of laundry running :)

I've been picking up the living room, oh and I decluttered two bags of clothes, I took out the four garbage bins to the curb, and got ayla a bath (she hates them now!) and made pancakes for breakfast for everyone, made dh his lunch and got my shower/makeup and a cute outfit on for the day :)

I also pulled apart the carseat and dumped out the crumbs...and rinsed off the cover(found out the whole thing won't come off! shucks!) I will have to wait for carl to put it together since I'm not sure what to do. Besides I have to wait for it to dry!

Ayla's being testy today, but is having fun keeping herself busy with water, her toy bus and the gymborree tape. Later I'll take her on a fairly long walk.

When she takes her nap I'll do my yoga..

I want to ask my neighbor if she'd like to walk with me this evening.

The two big projects left for today: Handwash my shirts, and reorgnize all the food (pantry/freezer/fridge)
and I'll make my grocery shopping list for the next week...
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