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What's everyone up to today?

So far:
*Got up, showered, ate breakfast
*Worked on my surveys for a little bit

On the agenda:
*Reset my coffee table (put on a small runner and something for a centerpiece)
*Go to CVS to hit the sales
*Go to Babies R Us for some formula
*Go to a class tonight on crystals/minerals
*Put money on the laundry card, get a load in

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Good morning is almost 80 already today!!! I love pretty weather.

So far...
~ Showered, dressed, breakfast for everyone (made homemade biscuits with some to freeze, and gravy)
~ cleaned bathrooms
~ Completed math and phonics workbook with ds and language arts with dd
~ listed some stuff for sale and stuff for trade on a website
~ Washed and dried a load of laundry

Need to...
~ fold clothes and put them away
~ do math, history, and science with dd and reading lesson with ds
~ lunch and dinner
~ crochet shorts for an order
~ DS has karate at 4
~ maybe go to house an dpaint trim in kitchen (on the crunch to get it ready for cabinets coming in Thursday)
~ Sorority meeting tonight

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Another beautiful sunny day here! Did a quick pick up, took care of the pets, have some ribs marinading. Getting ready to head to the store for some fruits and veggies. Will come home and do supper, dishes, then relax,make out a few bills to mail tomorrow.

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Finally it has warmed up ya hoooooo
Went to Walmart to get some things for trip this weekend
Clean up a bit then go pick up my boys at school
relax with dh

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WHERE are you at that it's almost 80??? I'm in Phoenix and it was 39 degrees here when I got up this am!!!!

Master Dollar Stretcher aka AmyBob
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Done so far:
-showered myself, bathed both kids, dressed everyone
-took DS to get a shot (and was blessed with a free case of preemie formula from the fabulous nurse at our pediatrician's office!)
-remembered to get a phone number from the nurse for DS's referral for a visiting nurse related to his preemie issues (This has been on the to-do list forever!)
-fed everyone breakfast and lunch
-played around online a little :)

Yet to do:
- dishes
- sweep and mop kitchen floor
- get two letters addressed and mailed
- get my swap box in the mail before I miss the mailman again :shame:
- make two phone calls (nurse and a photo appt.)
- thaw chicken
- make a batch of baby food
- make supper

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I am so excited I got to turn the heater off today. For the next 3 days we have highs in the 60s. I hope this warmer weather is here to stay a while.
Today I have
done 2 loads of laundry
cleaned up after breakfast
decided I want a simple dinner so we are having pancakes and fruit salad
made my shopping list for when I run errands on Friday
scrubbed bathrooms and did quick pick up in living room
all I have left to do is
cook dinner
get kids to do homework
baths and bedtime

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Hi ladies :)
I so far got another load of laundry going
washed my quilt
tried to give :kitty: the last of her meds but she isn't cooperating today :(
caught up with my daily reading
studied for tonights meeting
have dinner planned
took out garlic bread & hamburger
took another loaf of bread from freezer
had beakfast & :coffee3:
went through more coupons
did my daily surveys
checked email accounts
took meds:yucky:
enjoyed time to myself for a little bit while dad was at his app :)
lit my lavender candle mmmm sure made the office smell good :bunny:
emailed DD

still need to...
do some research
fix dinner
listen to meeting on :call:
have 6 tapes I need to listen to:eek: {don't think I'll time today to start this though}

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Wow after my 2nd day back at work - IM BAGGED! Good thing I had my first coffee after lunch and my 2nd cup at 4.15pm just before I left :lol:

Just got home, had dinner (and packed my lunch)...need to trxfr $ between accounts and pay more bills and redo budget. Danged tax time and RRSPs!

To do tonight -

* banking/budgeting

* attempt #2 at a real shower (no more sponge bathing) first time, the water on my toe just hurt too much and it WAS bandaged up

* drive to the burbs to my sister's place and give back a bday gift she had given me so she can her money back. Its something I didnt really ask for - her thought process posessed her to buy it - and its something I dont need nor have that much use for to justify a gift that just keeps on costing in the long run. That and give her 2 more boxes from copier paper from work - shes moving soon!

* peruse through FutureShop/Best Buy if I feel like it

* attempt to see the bf - hes very sick with the flu or Norwalk Virus, but he seems to be over it now - still iffy, gonna call him first

* go through the car wash before my free wash expires tomorrow!

* soak toe and curl up with a cup of tea with my Tightwad Gazette before bed!

Have a WONDERFUL evening ladies....Im glad its warmed up today. When I left for work this am the snowbanks were about 6' tall and now they're only 2.5 '! :laugh:

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~ did great on my cleaning! :D
~ did great in the kitchen too! 3 course meal prepared for dinner tonight -- split pea soup for starter, bowtie pasta with hamburger, tomato sauce and cheese for entree, and baked apples with honey and ground nuts for dessert!
~ redecorated the bedroom with a new (i.e. taken out of the closet) comforter and throw pillows.
~ spending the evening relaxing after getting so much done! :D

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Just got back from Target. I needed some white-out and when I reached for it, noticed they had some with free-after-rebate stickers on them. I peeled it off enough to see the details and they said 3 per household, so I took 3 instead of 1 and will get them all free!

Also got another free Choxie bar with that printable coupon. This time she didn't let me get multiple bars though, even with multiple coupons! It says one coupon PER item. Whatever, I didn't want to debate about it.
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