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i want to thank all of fv for the support since the truck wreck jen has been in and out of the hospt. with heart problems and ive not had time to talk to the good people in fv so if you dont hear from me- fv will be on my mind and again thank you all for your support-----may the great spirit protect you and yours
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Continued prayers, hugs and aloha to you both.
Sending you hugs, blessings and continued prayer.
Sending hugs and continued prayers. :hugz:
Have missed you marla and wondered how you were doing...........:hug2: take care of yourself and jen.

Check in when you can/have time.
take good care of jen......we will look forward to an update when you get a chance....until then...take care :)
thanks again for all the support-i,ve been so stressed lately and haven,t had any time to do much --Jen will be seeing a new cardio soon and i hope they can do some thing for her heart as she won,t have any surgery done and she is severely ptsd when it comes to a hospt. and when she wants me to take her to emergency it has to be bad--still i will be there for her no mater what-sorry i'm just rambling now--- dont get much sleep any more these days-still i know i have friends here at fv that i can talk to and that helps so very much---got to go hugs to fv and all
Glad to hear from you and continued prayers being sent your way. Also don't apologize for the rambling, we're here for you.

Take care of yourself so that you can be a good caregiver.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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