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Thanksgiving is starting to overwhelm me

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And I haven't even started yet. Maybe that's the problem. I just cut 3 dishes off the menu and I'm not sure I have the energy to tackle the basics tomorrow. (Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, potatoes, vegetable and pie.) Usually the night before I am rarin' to go and have made the pie already.

Anybody else feeling it?
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I thought you was going out of town?

I would feel that way if I was the main cook, yes.
It can get overwhelming for sure. I started today and am whipped already. I guess it is standing up all day that is doing it to my lower back. I hope tomorrow will go smoothly. If it doesn't oh well. The familiy won't be here till 4ish so I still have most of the day.

Just do what you can and it will work out.
I always dread big meals but am happy when I get started. We had ours last Saturday so tomorrow will be something simple. I am actually looking forward to not having to cook a big meal tomorrow. Take one thing at a time and it will get done and will be over before you know it! :)
My mom use to always get that way, I learned what not to do from watching her, so I'm done except for Turkey and stuffing...
Take this holiday for what it truly is....a meal. You are not serving the Queen nor her need to stress yourself out, especially if you are hosting. If its your immediate family attending - put them to work....why should you have to do it 'all' kwim? YOU are worth more to everyone vs a turkey. If things run a bit late or there are less choices this year, so be it. If you serve grilled cheese sammies, everyone should still be thankful. :)

Know how some people don't 'do' Christmas and they order in instead? Why not do the same for this holiday - YOU deserve time off to enjoy the food too.

And yes I would be overwhelmed....I just learned to how to oven roast chicken....I have a feeling Christmas will be here at our house this year - I'm afraid of a turkey! :ack: Whatever I put out will have to be 'alright' or everyone can leave starving.
Well, I got DH to help me clean up the kitchen so there is less of a mess for me to face in the morning.

I know it doesn't have to be a big production but I'd like things to be nice and I'd like the holiday to be special even though it is just us.

Palooka, the family dinner got canceled. It's complicated.
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