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The Cheapskate's Golden Rules!

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Here are some cheapskate's golden rules:

-Never leave a hotel empty handed (no, I don't mean towels and blankets)
-Always bring your lunch to work
-Why buy new shoes when there is shoe polish
-Always look for loss leaders
-Always ask for a doggie bag
-Don't throw away things that can be used again
-Use it up, wear it out or go without
-Is there a coupon for that?

OK, let's hear some of your golden rules! I double dare you. :sly:
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I leave my purse in the car also and take what I think my items will add up to. Such as milk, bread etc. That way I don't use the debit card if I go over. I stick to my list.

We always carry a small cooler with ice packs for our drinks we take. So we don't stop to purchase anything. Take snacks with you also.

I carry a little purse in my car that has toilet paper, wipes and hand santizer in it. That way if I'm yard selling or out with Dh, We can use a port a John instead of stopping at a gas station and be tempted to by candy, chips etc.
Allot of people would think they are dirty, but you just have to know the companies that clean them. Since we run softball touraments we know the suppliers well.

The shoe part struck me, I have two pairs, one for outside work, (yard) and another pair for when I leave the house. I went to Walmart to get Kitty litter since they have the biggest bags for cheap and I went over to the shoe department. I found a pair I liked and they were clearanced, but by the time I got to the register I ended up taking them back. I thought mine were good for a few more years, I've had these for about 3 years.
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