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My goal this month is $560 or less. Made my first grocery run today and spent $87.72. The breakdown is as follows:

2.5 gallon jug of water (2): $6.98
soymilk (2): $7.98
Half and Half (2): $5.98
Starbuck's Frappucino Raspberry 4 pack: $7.99
Bananas (7 pounds): $7.61
cough drops: $3.99
Pillsbury Grand biscuit dough: $2.89
sushi (2 packages): $17.68
baguette: $2.79
shredded cheese: $3.99
mushrooms (2 boxes): $4.00
cilantro (2 bunches): $1.00
blueberries (1 box): $2.40
blackberries (1 box): $2.50
snap peas (.34 lb): $.85
apples (2.35 lb): $3.50
broccolini (1 bunch): $2.49
zucchini (1/2 lb): $.62
carrots (1 bag baby): $1.89

Tax was $.29

Okay, so the water is for the birds and for me to drink as part of my 8 glasses a day minimum. The soymilk and bananas are also for me to make smoothies for breakfast on days I don't have time for anything substantial. The cough drops are for my throat, which is still very raw; the Half and Half is for my morning coffee; and the sushi is for my soul. :D

The Starbuck's raspberry mocha drink four-pack is for my sister. She is coming over to house-sit for me tomorrow night. I bought raspberry/chocolate mocha because she loves raspberry, and I HATE it, so no chance of me stealing one. :)

The produce is all organic, and is mostly for the parrots and the bunny. I may steal an apple or two, but the broccolini is all theirs!! The snow peas are supposed to be $4.99 a pound, and I told the cashier that, but he couldn't find them on his computerized list, so he put them down as English peas, which are $2.49/lb. I didn't complain (and wished I had bought more)!

The mushrooms, cheese, and cilantro are all to make homemade pizza, also for my sister, who loves mushrooms. The biscuit dough is to make more of those wonderful sausage muffin cups I found on FV, also for my sister, although I suspect there will be some left over for me after she leaves.

The baguette is for the bunny, as her previous owner says that Polly will take your arm off for a piece of stale French bread, and I'm not above bribing her to win her affections.
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