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The Homestead News reports - May 4 - 10th

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Good morning everyone. Here we are starting another week. I'm taking today off and just going to relax, enjoy reading a book and do some quilting.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing Sunday on their homesteads.
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Yes, Kathy, I do hope you will rest on your vacation.:D Have fun spring cleaning!:)

We are about to finish painting our son's room...I can't wait, our room is all stuffed up with the kids beds, bureaus and toys...

Dh is varnishing our closest doors for our room. They were old and scratched.

I need to buy clothes this week, for myself and two of my boys....I actually have almost nothing to wear that is nice...I gained too much weight.:( *Sigh* I better get serious about losing it...mmm....I think I should hang around more in the *Live your Life* board...;)
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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