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The Homestead News reports - May 4 - 10th

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Good morning everyone. Here we are starting another week. I'm taking today off and just going to relax, enjoy reading a book and do some quilting.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing Sunday on their homesteads.
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It has been a busy week here, but for the life of me it doesn't look like i accomplished anything. I have spent last night and this am painting plant pokes. And dh is teasing me about what my mothers day gift will be, he won't tell me. :toothy:

I have gotten out and done some picking flowers in my yard. But other than that done nothing outside this week.

I hope to get going next week. We had friends visiting so i didn't plan much in the yard this week. I did seed some nasturtiums, sweet peas and morning glories. Hope they come up well.

That's about it from this Homestead. Hope everyone has a great Mothers day!
Still no word on whether we get the horse, or not- oh well.

We lost our big apple tree and part of a maple tree to the storms last night- not sure how much garden survived being under water either.
Don't ya' just love that Canadian Tire money CJ!! My dear neighbour who helps us out so much and is always there for me during the week when DH is gone....for his birthday I bought him The Claw for digging up his gardens and used all Canadian Tire money!!

Today DH and boys are putting up new fence at the front of our property. Moving it back about 16 feet, more grass to cut but it'll look nice. We got a post hole digger from my Dad to go on the back of the tractor so that made it a much easier job!!

Did some light housework today and had to go to town to get some groceries, good shoes for son, and a new white shirt for DH.

Almost humid here today and seemed like rain all day but we never got any.
What is Canadian Tire Money?

Dh and I went shopping tonight with a gift card I was sent for Mothers day. I got us all dinner and I bought a few more roses too. Dh still won't give up the secret of what the Mothers Day gift is. And i got a few more packs of seeds, mostly daisies.

I have been doing some more painting and have completely finished two plant pokes for myself, Dh says i should sell em, lol. I told him i made these for me, lol
One more time!!! What the HECK is Canadian Tire money, (I wish I had a little, sounds like it buys good stuff)

I am posting to this thread at the end of the day rather than the beginning

The day started out aweful, Dh and Ds are fighting something terrible, I am about to go out of my mind. I don't know what to do, neither one will give a little and it is taking an emotional toll on me as I feel like I have run a marathon, Im sore all over and TIRED!!

I made a double batch of bread. Im so proud of this. Thank you for that tutorial CJ. Today after they were into "it", I kneaded the dickens out of that dough, it will probably be super light and fluffy!! It is in the oven now, I have camera ready to post the pics, but I dont know how to resize...SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

Dh took me to Sears to choose my own gift, I was grateful, because the salmon colored blouse he was lugging around really wasnt me and I hate to always take back the stuff he gets, but on the otherhand, what is the point of keeping something you would never wear? I suggested a new pair of sweats from Walmart, he bought me two, and two tops. At sears he bought me a nice Cotton nightgown, very lightweight the perfect thing to visit the village in. I couldnt wait to come home and put it on. Dh said it was alright as long as I stayed in it until mother's day, Heck I aint complaning!!

I asked the kids to clean the garden out for me, it is full of grass, I haven't done a thing in there since last summer with the last harvest of late tomatoes. I did clear all the dead plants, but no weeding. I want to get started on the garden now. Usually I have the tomatoes in by now, but it has been too cloudy and rainy. Tomorrow will bring me a new clean slate to work with I hope.

Made hamburger helper for dinner, Im beat I think it is all emotional, but I ache all over.
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