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So as I sit here w/my cup of water (been dehydrated past few days... nothing but water for me - so hushit!)... and my mini-toasts (melba toast size, but not melba... home made mini loaf bread) & my store-bought hummus i think... *yum*

Besides hummos (simply mashed chickpeas w/whatever seasons/veggies you like - i buy vegetable only - as it doesnt offend others & no one seems to have an issue w/the smell of me eating this one (bf is allergic to garlic & I'm to onions & neither of us liked the smell of the sundried tomato basil).

So I was thinking... besides my addiction (yes, on bread, crackers, tortilla chips, etc) to hummus...

how many of you have a favourite foreign food / dish?

where did you try it (home w/recipe or restaurant or friend's house)?

Share a recipe?!?!

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