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We love to save people money on their car insurance, so we've compiled some tips to help you out. We can give you personalized suggestions if you sign up for the Karus challenge here. Currently this is only open to California policyholders.

Our service is free, in fact, we will give you a $15 Amazon gift card if we can't save you at least $200 on your auto insurance policy. And don't worry, you get the same or better coverage without compromising on the quality of the insurance provider.

So why do people overpay on car insurance?

1. People don't shop around enough for their car insurance, largely because of the time the process takes and renewing is easier as the default. Which means, if you don't shop around, you're likely overpaying on your car insurance. NerdWallet found that people were overpaying by $368 every year!

2. Premiums fluctuate: A study from found that rates fluctuate frequently over the course of a year, so you could get stuck paying up to 10% higher in CA depending on when you purchase. Other states this fluctuation varies up to 48%!

3. Lastly, many people are unaware that they can cancel their auto insurance policies any time, often without a penalty/fee (depending on state/insurance provider). CoverHound created a list with those rules for each companies

4. Lastly, we've found that people often don't know what's on their driving record. Last week, one user had an accident on his insurance claims that he knew nothing about and this was causing his premiums to be a lot higher. Luckily, there is a way to find out and dispute those incidents. You can get a free C.L.U.E. report from LexisNexis once a year. This report is what many insurance companies use to base your premiums.

This is why we created Karus. We really want to help people save money on their auto insurance. It was born out of a personal frustrating experience.

Sign up The Karus Autosave Challenge: if we can't save you at least $200 on your current auto policy, we will give you a $15 amazon gift card instantly.

Once you sign up, we will send you accurate quotes from a large number of insurance companies that you can actually purchase on your own with the quote number. You will never be spammed by an insurance company, we use our phone number and email address.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about auto insurance in general!
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