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The Pioneer Woman Show On The Food Network

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How awesome she landed her own show!

The Pioneer Woman, hosted by Ree Drummond
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I think her talent lies more in her writing ability and style than in her "acting" abilities. I would think at this point that she must have a staff of legions to help her do all she does in a day. I find myself constantly questioning WHEN she home-schools all those kids properly, cooks, shops, cleans, cares for her garden, cares for her multitudes of pets, bakes pies with groups, has those girlfriend get-togethers, goes on book-signing tours, cooks portable breakfast and lunches and delivers to all her cowhands, goes shopping for all her cute outfits, curls up and watches TV with her family, redecorates her house, plans and executes HUGE family gatherings at the ranch, jets off to this place and that, BLOGS, corresponds with all the companies that support her blog and provide prizes, and still has time to photograph it ALL. I mean how is that even possible?! I like the blog. She's really got a great sense of humor, but the show looks and feels too stiff and artificial.
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