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This is a poem from Elsie M. Curry, who found a copy of this poem in her mother's dresser, after she died suddenly at age 93. Her name was Etta van Nostrand. Etta made nine quilts, beginning at age 70. she also won "Best in Show" ribbons twice for her fine work.

The Quilt

I gaze upon my Mother's quilt
With squares so neatly met
In corner's, colours, next at ease;
A work of art she's planned and built

The shades of squares are dark and light
And all the rainbow tints between,
They vary as our thoughts and moods
That sweep through us, sad to delight.

Yellow and rose portray warm thoughts
And brown and blue our darker times
All blocks are joined by tense of stitch
All feeling joined by thread of life.

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Nice poem ! Thanks !!!!!!
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