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The Spaghetti Project

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Times are tough all over. So many people are having difficulty making ends meet. Heck, I'm having a very rough time myself. Somehow, though, the Lord has always blessed us with enough to eat and with shelter.

It's after Christmas now and at the food bank the cupboards are nearly bare again. For a long time, everytime I go to the grocery store, anything I'm stocking up on, I spend an extra $2 on the item (assuming it's non-perishable) to put in the bin that goes to the food bank.

If there is no good stock-up item, I get one pack of spaghetti and a can of sauce. That is a meal - maybe not the most gourmet meal in the world, but food on the table, for a small hungry family. Even through my darkest days of unemployment and depression, while the house was being foreclosed on, when I was rolling change to buy gas, I've been able to put a spaghetti dinner in the collection bin at the grocery store almost every week.

I know it isn't much. But I also know how terrifying it is to wonder how I'm going to feed the kids. By God's grace I've always been able to do so without needing to go to the food bank, but it's certainly been close.

I just ask that we all remember - people get hungry at times other than Christmas, when all the food drives occur. A $2 spaghetti dinner means a lot to many people in North America these days. Do what you can to help.
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Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for your generosity.
I agree with Labontet.

I have recently been hit with very hard times financially and it has been close for me to use the foodbank.
Thank you for the idea and when I do my foodshopping next week I will make sure that I pick up a box of spagetti & a can of sauce for the foodbank.

Thanks again!
Thank you I have to use the food bank several times a year, and it is because of people like you when I can't make ends meet one month no matter how hard I try to swing it that I can feed my daughter. Thank you to all of you who put food in those bins. It means alot to those of us that end up having to use it.
If I may also suggest I buy a couple cans of tuna to take to the food bank when I go to the store. If I can I throw in a box of mac&cheese with it. It makes a meal that even a child can put together. We have so many kids alone at dinner time here because of their parents' work. But it's work that doesn't make ends meet KWIM?
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I have been one who has had to use a food bank, so THANK YOU very much. I am tearing up reading this.

Now that I do have a little, I buy the paper each week. Anything that is free after coupons, I get whether we eat it or not. Then when we have a bag of groceries, I will bring it down to the pantry. I wish it was as easy as a collection bin at the store, I think more people would donate that way.
Then when we have a bag of groceries, I will bring it down to the pantry. I wish it was as easy as a collection bin at the store, I think more people would donate that way.
Very valid point
You know if it wasn't for the grocery cart ( the collection bin) at the grocery store or collection Sunday at church I wouldn't know how to give to the food bank.
You have to go when they are open for disbursement and let them know you are there for donation. They ask you how much, and they send someone out to your car to pick up. Easy enough, if you know how :)
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Thank you for the reminder. I will be getting my last overtime check for the season this friday. I am going to use some of it to buy a couple of bags of groceries to take to the food bank on saturday.
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does anyone know if the food bank would prefer to get food or get a check? There is a food bank in my town but its never open when I'm home so I don't know how I would get food to them. I've been meaning to just write them a that just as good or is it an inconvenience to have someone go buy the food?
Either is good they will take money too! Anything is appreciated
Frugal is fun! Peanutbutter is a good protein food & soup the boxed or canned.
What a wonderful idea. Spaghetti is one of the cheapest meals and depending on the size of the family can easily make two meals per person, not to mention it's probably one of the most loved meals by all. I donate but not on a regular basis. This is a reminder of how easy it is to do so. Thank you and God Bless.

I wish it was as easy as a collection bin at the store, I think more people would donate that way.
Our church keeps a collection bin just outside of the doors of the worship center. They run a "collection of the month". In the cold months they will request instant hot drink packets, one month will be canned goods, one month will be beans/rice/pasta, one month kiddie treats and so on...
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Almost every week there is some type of pasta that is less than 50 cents with a coupon.

This list may be helpful to someone;

Our local food pantry requests these items:

Pancake Mix (the just add water kind)
Peanut Butter
Saltine Crackers
Canned vegis
Corn meal
Powdered Milk
Canned Meat
Spaghetti Sauce
Spaghetti Noodles
Dried Beans

I think those are the least expensive, easiest to donate!

For those of you that don't have a donation cart at your local store, why not find out how you can get one there? Maybe they just need someone to volunteer to deliever it?
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Thanks for the reminder. I just looked up our local food bank and will be planning to make a donation very soon.

Also a reminder that I read on here (and on my food bank's site) that I am going to remember: the food banks will take non-food items (like personal hygenie items) as well.
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Thanks for the reminder, and thanks bumplett for the list of other things needed. I have the key to mine, as I use to be a mega couponer and would bring cases of things. I do like dropping off soaps, detergent and hair shampoos as people really need these and can't purchase with food stamps.

You all are so wonderful to spread some happiness and a meal to others.

Blessings everyone stay happy and warm this winter.
that's soooo true.

food stamp benefits don't cover baby care items, shampoo, toothpaste, tampons, pet food, etc.
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You certainly gave me something to think about when I shop. I will do my best to remember to at least buy a spaghetti dinner for a hungry family... You have reminded me that I am very blessed and that WE could be that family someday that looks forward to that dinner! THANK YOU!
Some food banks have a website to tell you what they need the most each week. We like to look at ours before we shop so we know exactly what we can bring that will do the most good. Right now ours needs canned meat (tuna, ham, chicken).
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Mahalo for this great idea - while it's easy to give like when the Salvation Army is sitting outside grocery stores at Christmas, it's all the other times of the year that need to be addressed. Our school has a couple of food drives each year for the Food Bank. Spaghetti and sauce is a wonderful idea - mahalo!!
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