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The Survival Podcast

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I am loving thesurvivalpodcast dotcom. I stumbled upon it on iTunes - highly recommend!:listen:
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Survival Podcast ... and thanks, I will give it a listen in the morning :D
Thank you. I listen to a lot of podcasts on my iPhone while I work, so I will add this one. Any others you really like? I listen to Suze Orman, 60 minutes, This American Life, Hardcore History (Dan Carlin is a GREAT speaker about history and makes it super interesting!), and Dave Ramsey each week but I'm always looking to add more. Thanks for the link; downloading three episodes now.
I listened for about 5 minutes, that was long enough
Mother Earth news has some podcasts. I'm going to check those out.
Yeah, I stumbled on that one and wasn't impressed. I do like The Self-Sufficient Gardener a LOT, though. The host is a young guy named Jason Akers. Very easy to listen to, very "homey" in his manner, but talks about some relevant and interesting topics related to gardening for sustainability. I also really enjoy The Sporkful. :)
um, anyone noticed that this was this persons one and only post??? might this person be the author of "said podcast"?

just sayin'
I can honestly say that I am not the guy who does The Survival Podcast. Just a newbie who shared something I'm enjoying. Got to start somewhere!:baby:

That's funny.
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I did the link and bookmarked it to read...I'm behind the times! Thank you!
I just started listening. I didn't know that mother earth news has one. I will be looking for that
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