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Seems like every grocery store offers whole rotisserie chickens. Some even have several varieties with different seasonings. And one of my favorite places to get a rotisserie chicken is Costco. Their chickens (minimum cooked weight of 3 pounds) are still only $4.99 (US dollars), making them sometimes cheaper than a raw chicken, depending on the price per pound. So, what to do with a roasted chicken, whether you buy one already cooked or you roast it at home?

For Christmas, I asked my son to bring me two rotisserie chickens from Costco. When he showed up at my house, I put one in the fridge and then we sat down to take the second one apart. Here's what I got from the 2 chickens:

Into freezer:
Container 1 -- sliced chicken breast for sandwiches (2, maybe 3 servings)
Container 2 -- diced chicken breast for chicken salad (3, maybe 4 servings)
Container 3 -- pulled dark meat chicken for recipes*
Container 4 -- pulled mixed dark & light chicken for recipes*

From fridge:
Meal 1 -- plain chicken breast (2 servings)
Meal 2 -- chicken salad made from 2nd breast (3 servings)
Meal 3 -- Creole jambalaya (3 servings)
Meal 4 -- Chicken BBQ sandwiches (2 servings)
Meal 5 -- Chicken half-moon pie (2 servings)

And -- from the carcasses, I made chicken broth. I get 2-3 quarts of broth from each carcass.

So -- what recipes will I make from those containers that are in the freezer?
  • BBQ sandwiches -- just mix cooked chicken with BBQ sauce, warm, and serve on buns
  • Pot pie -- mix chicken with white (béchamel) sauce and frozen mixed veggies, pour into a pie pan and top with a crust or a layer of biscuits
  • Half-moon pie -- make the pot pie filling, but instead of putting it in a pie pan, pile on top of a single pie crust. Fold crust over and seal the edges. Poke holes in the top & bake until browned.
  • Cacciatore -- Sauté onion and bell pepper until tender. Add garlic & cook for a few more minutes. Add canned tomatoes, chicken, and Italian seasoning. Stir in mushrooms if you have them. Simmer until the sauce thickens. Serve over pasta or rice.
  • Chicken & broccoli casserole -- Combine chicken, broccoli florets (raw or frozen), and cooked rice in a casserole dish. Stir in cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup (I make my own) and shredded cheese. Add seasonings to taste (Italian herb mix, Greek herbs, salt & pepper, etc.), give it all a good stir, and bake until browning on the top.
  • Tacos -- Saute some garlic in a skillet, stir in taco seasoning (I make my own), and tomato paste. Add the chicken and simmer until warmed through. Serve in crispy or soft tortillas. You can also spoon over baked potatoes.
  • Soups -- Lots of options here: tortilla soup, avgolemono, chicken vegetable, chicken noodle, chicken & rice, chicken & dumplings, corn & chicken chowder, chicken tortellini, white bean chicken chili, gumbo ...
What are your favorite dishes to make with rotisserie chicken or from roasted chicken?

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Hot open face chicken sandwiches are always good.

I have made a chicken “shepherds pie” using chicken and gravy as the base, top with corn and stuffing on top of that.

You mentioned mixing BBQ sauce with the chicken to serve on buns. You could always expand on that by mixing with teriyaki sauce and serve on the buns as well.

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I bought several large tubs of shredded rotisserie chicken and put it in my freezer. Whole birds are running ~$8 here and the tub of 2lbs loose meat was $6!

Anyway, I've used it in chicken salad, chicken soups, pot pie, and enchiladas so far.

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There's nothing like a cooked chook! I live in New Zealand and rotisserie chickens are one of our most versatile foods! Lunches, dinners, BBQs, picnics - we use them all the time. I've discovered many different ways to use a rotisserie chicken, so purchase two every week. I use one for the week's lunch meat and the other for two dinner meals that feed all five of us.

My favourite recipes are this quick coconut curry Coconut Curry Chicken and this creamy noodle soup Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup with Rotisserie Chicken - they're always a hit![/QUOTE]
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