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This heat is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG I am sooo hot my thermostat does not read any higher and it reads to about 95F!!!! I don't have AC, it is almost midnight and still about 103F outside with the humidity! I have six fans going, water all over the place for the pets. DD just feel asleep about 40mins ago. I go in and spritz her every so often, as I am doing to my self. Thank goodness for the apartments pool. We were in and out of that most of the day. I am to hot to sleep even with my sleeping meds. I have never felt heat and humidity like this. I hope it passes soon or I am just going to melt away to nothing.
I hope everyone is doing okay with the heat!
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That is brutally hot!!! I feel so bad for you and dd!

I'd be very thankful for the pool too. I'd be hopping in that right before bed to help keep cool.

I'm in AB, we're in a monsoon lately, so much for our 10 year drought. Good :) But mosquito infested instead.. ugh..

Any, rabbit trail done.

Last year, after having high bills due to window A/C, here is what we did. When it's coolest we open the windows. So in the morning, and we put fans in front, to blow IN the cool air. When it gets hot, we turn the fans around and blow it OUT. Not all windows have fans obviously, but we keep the north windows open as they are shaded, and it forms a great cross breeze. Even if it's not truly, cooling, the breeze cools the flesh. Sleep with top sheet only, and mist the top sheet, it will stay cooler longer.

Hope the heat wave breaks soon!
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