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This heat is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG I am sooo hot my thermostat does not read any higher and it reads to about 95F!!!! I don't have AC, it is almost midnight and still about 103F outside with the humidity! I have six fans going, water all over the place for the pets. DD just feel asleep about 40mins ago. I go in and spritz her every so often, as I am doing to my self. Thank goodness for the apartments pool. We were in and out of that most of the day. I am to hot to sleep even with my sleeping meds. I have never felt heat and humidity like this. I hope it passes soon or I am just going to melt away to nothing.
I hope everyone is doing okay with the heat!
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I would check with any county or township office to see if anyone is giving away free ac's. Not sure what type of office in Canada. I saw a notice in the paper that they were giving away free ac's to people who needed them. Just a thought.

Also, you had stated that you have someone working with your daughter and her disability. I would mention to them how hot it is and the need for ac. Guess what I am saying is to ask and tell everyone that you need an ac. You never know who might have one or is upgrading that you can use. I would even state that you need one when you go to the doctors office. Many medications require that you have ac, plus you need your sleep.

Hope you get relief and please stay safe. Don't be afraid to fill up the bathtub to get some relief. I used to do this and would jump in whenever I felt hot.
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