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This heat is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG I am sooo hot my thermostat does not read any higher and it reads to about 95F!!!! I don't have AC, it is almost midnight and still about 103F outside with the humidity! I have six fans going, water all over the place for the pets. DD just feel asleep about 40mins ago. I go in and spritz her every so often, as I am doing to my self. Thank goodness for the apartments pool. We were in and out of that most of the day. I am to hot to sleep even with my sleeping meds. I have never felt heat and humidity like this. I hope it passes soon or I am just going to melt away to nothing.
I hope everyone is doing okay with the heat!
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It could be a lot worse:

Extreme Heat: 10 Worldwide Spots With Tough Temperatures - TIME NewsFeed

145f... just sayin' :)

I'd recommend using towels and drenching those in some ice water, then wringing them out and laying down naked with them on top. They'll help cool you down considerably.
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