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Morning all,
No work today!! Well, let me rephrase that. Not working outside the home today! Hooray! Now to find a little bit of energy to clean and accomplish lots today.

Kids are at school, and I'm back home with the laundry started. Next up is cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Will take a break for lunch, and then I'm going to tackle my youngest dd's bedroom and declutter like crazy. Oh joy.

I need to answer some emails on my Explorer that I have listed for sale on Craigslist, and then go super clean it out today. I'm getting closer and closer to getting it sold and finding a cheap efficient commuter car. Go ME! :tay: I also bought groceries yesterday, and have started to try and build up my stockpile again, so I need to move the excess downstairs to the storage room to organize.

Tonight is basketball practice for dd1. We are counting down the end of the season, can't wait! It's been fun, but a lot of time. Supper is a roast I put in the crockpot this morning, which I have been craving.

Here I go! Have a great day!
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