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Good morning all!!!

Today is the first day of school in our town & it really feels weird not to have even 1 kiddo around! At the moment, we are "fostering"?? (for lack of better term) my 2 of my bff's girls (she has 3 girls & 1 boy) as they are trying to straighten some family issues out & the girls are safer here where the other 2 can't hurt them. (She asked if we could take them for a while ~ while things get straightened out so it's not like it was when we were doing "real foster care") So we are bumped up to 3 kids rather than just my "normal" 1 ~ my son. Needless to say it's been fun & interesting! :dazed: My bff & I are still hammering out some of the details, but so far things are doing better (or so it seems).

It was great going thru my stash of school supplies & realizing that I had almost everything both of her 2 younger girls needed for school (the other 3 are in high school & we find out what they will need after the first day of school :yucky: I HATE THAT!!! Having to wait to find out what they need when I could've just got them on sale!!! Normally I've waited til the last week or so of school to go shopping for their supplies, but this year I had been keeping my eyes peeled for great sales (got about 15 single subject spiral notebooks ~ both wide & narrow ruled ~ for about $.10 each... SO EXCITED I finally got them at that price... will do the same next year! :yippee::yippee::yippee:

OK so onto today... woke up early (not as early as I wanted but considering I was sick a big chunk of last night, probably for the best ~ feel great today other than being tired!

SO far today:
~ 2 loads of dishes in dishwasher & put up the load that was cleaned from last night
~ got dinner in the crockpot
~ cleaned up the kitchen from last night (what I was too tired to deal with)
~ keeping all lights off in house (funny how easy it is when I'm the only 1 here)
~ 1 load laundry in washer
~ had my cup of coffee :cheer4::bowing:
~ loafed around for a bit :big glass:

Still need to:
~ finish laundry
~do another load of dishes
~ clean my bedroom
~ take things to goodwill
~ sweep & mop kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, & laundry room
~ vacuum bedrooms & living room (may save that for the oldest girl)
~ meal plan
~ take check to bank
~ schedule a time to take car into shop & get oil changed (it's free for me for the time being)
~ wash all bedding, as well as clothes
~ take a shower (yep I really do have to somewhat schedule that into my day ~ sad ain't it?! LOL)
~ clean up & organize desk (file, file, file) :thud:
~ & last but probably next... bible study... get caught up!

Hope ya'll are having an awesome day! Rock on & carry on! :thumb:

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