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Good Morning!

Staying home for the day as far as I know now so most likely it'll be a no-spending day. : )

  • Do my face
  • Take a bath
  • Swish toilet
  • Wash dishes
  • Read my Bible

  • Take recycables out
  • Clear off table by chair
  • Sort out one box on dresser
  • Move lamps around/decorating
  • Copy one article into notebook

  • Do laundry
  • Take trash out
  • Address 5 cards
  • Clean off kitchen counter
  • Get notecard out for Shelli

Have a nice day!


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I woke up this morning with the worst pain in my arm. Took some pain meds and slept until 10:30. Still a little woozy, so I'm staying home today.

I paid bills
Still need to clean the kitchen
Gather trash
Fold laundry
change bed sheets
do more laundry
Having dinner with the inlaws, so I'm making a salad to take.

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Today is a decidedly unfrugal day for me. I woke up late and in my rush, I forgot to put coffee in my coffee maker so all I ended up with was hot water. The yogurt I was going to take as my breakfast was expired so I had to throw it out. I decided to heck with it all and bought my coffee, breakfast and lunch today. Plus I'm getting my eyebrows waxed tonight after work.

When all is said and done, I'm looking at spending about $40 today. Boo!

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Have a job interview today at 10.30 after that coming home to cook a turkey breast. need to pick up a prescription and put things in the yard away before irene hits jersey Have a great day everyone

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Leisurely day for me - no appt's or errands to run. Sat at home enjoying the a/c (humid here today) and watch some programs to clear them off the PVR. GF called up and asked if I wanted company and we went out window shopping except I found two seasons of a tv program I love and have been collecting slowly from the clearance racks...found the last two season today to boot!! :)

Will be going to pick up a battery after I p/u DH from work shortly.

All meals have been from home today - no eating out :)

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Hello all!!!

Well, today was clean up day & shopping day... Actually, it was the first time in a week I've not been sick! So I had plenty to do today! :crackup:

*picked up groceries, & a few other odds & ends
*took shorts back that ripped & "traded" them for jeans
*picked up a friend who left her car at the shop (overnight) & took her to get her kids & then home.
*cleaned kitchen & put away shopping stuff
*cleaned living room
*picked up DS & his friend from football practice
*took DS & his friend back to football field (coach said they had to attend the game ~ but ds wanted to take shower & get clean clothes first
*cooked dinner ~ sloppy joes (LEISURELY as both DS & DH were at the game & DH takes the professional pics for coaches & parents ~ YAY he got a h.s. press pass so that he can take pics but it started out b/c he wanted to take pics of our son!!!)
*took DS's friend home & then came home ourselves & ate dinner

Now, dealing with slight headache but was watching tv w/DS!!! & now.. hanging out on pc! Whew! what a day!:horse::applause::toothy:


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Today was kind of a spend day, lol. We are moving one town over and it's a 30 to 45 minute drive. So, I wanted to take care of some returns here in town, so I wouldn't have to do it later. So, we took back a pageant dress for our daughter and some pants we were going to give FIL. We got 2 outfits for dd #3 and a nice polo for ds #1. Then we closed a layaway and went to get yogurt, just dh and I. We haven't really had any alone time lately that was quality time. Came home and did some more packing and tossed some things out of the house. I packed up most of our bathroom and then called my brother to arrange to drop off some pieces of furniture for his friend. I feel better being able to help someone out. We were able to get them a queen sized bed and mattress a few months ago.
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