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I want to start posting here again to help keep myself accountable.

Just finished paying bills. Should be okay for the next two weeks. I need to make a grocery list for tomorrow. We don't eat much meat anymore, so it will be cheaper. We will splurge on crab legs this week for our anniversary.

I do plan to go to Kohls this afternoon. I have $10 Kohls cash. I'm thinking either a new pillow or a cheap summer outfit for my granddaughter. Whatever it is will be less than $2 out of pocket.

I will work on ds' taxes and try to get them done today.

Plan to pull a few things out to donate. They're just collecting dust around here. I hope to do a major decluttering this year.

Dinner tonight will be cheese enchiladas and refried beans.

We will be going to ds' & dil's tonight. Their washer broke and dh will go over to fix it for them. Ds is working two jobs now. We'll take them our free chipotle burritos. Dh and I don't eat there, but got the deal for them.
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