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Good Morning ladies! Hope everyone is doing great today. I am feeling better after a good night's sleep-went to bed a little earlier last night. :)

Looks like it's going to be a rainy, dreary day here, though. Glad I've got to work. I won't be so bored.

It's gonna be a frugal day -thank God. No money should be spent.

Have a great day!

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Hello Jenn!

I am so happy that you are feeling better!:hugz:

I am home, sick with a bad cold. I hate being sick...

Today I am taking it easy. I will probably take a nap later, since I haven't slept well the last 2 nights.

Have all a nice frugal day!:)

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Good morning!!
Not much planned today except
Go pay the storage for upur RV
Get my nails done
Go to Eckerds to get Tylenol on sale with a coupon and rebate making it free!!
Gotta tan
Have no idea what to make for dinner, any suggestions?
Krystal is taking her finals today!! she was a nervous wreck< I pray she does well.
Have a nice frugal day!!!!

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I am being really frugal today....even with myself. I have decided to just relax and take a "me" day,so other than dishes and supper,I am doing nothing.
We do have to take DD to a school thing tonight. She is singing,and its important or I would call it off too.
Looks like a rainy day here,no outside today:(
Doing BBQ chicken and stuffing with asperagras(sp) for dinner.

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It's raining here today, so nothing outdoors. Might be sending Zachary to school. He's been sick last few days and has stayed home, but seems to be fine today.

Still unpacking and organizing.
More laundry
New puppy on potty time schedule what seems like every 5 minutes. LOL
Dinner still unplanned. :eek: Will be something simple-probably chicken something.
Would like to be able to squeeze in cleaning the hardwood floors today.
Regular cleaning routine.

Not too busy of a day here.

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Whew! It's lunchtime already. Gotta get off the 'puter so I can go make some chicken salad-YUM! :chef:

This afternoon is dedicated to ebay listing. I took a bunch of pics the other day. If it's not nailed down, it's going on ebay-lol.

Tonight I have to work-I'm thinking turkey croquettes for dinner-they're already made up.

Have a nice day :sun:

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Lucie and Zack, I hope you both get feeling better soon !!!!!!
I have a meeting with Sunshine today, we are meeting for lunch so I gotta get busy ! Have a great day ladies !

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Hope everyone is having a great day today :)
It's a nice day here so far so I'm enjoying it.
My DD emailed me & wants to bring me a kitten this weekend but unfortunately I'm not going to be able to take it :( it's a male & my female would hurt him. Ever since we moved here she has turned into the neighborhood bully lol.
Todays things to do...
call pharmacy about cost of meds {since I now have to pay:toothy:}
took meds & have to stay home while they work so I had to miss my meeting :(
emailed DD about kitten
get garbage out & can to the curb
call recycle company {didn't get to it yesterday}
need to color hair {couldn't do it yesterday}
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